Saturday, April 9, 2011

Defence Spending vs. Feeding the Homeless

The Canadian government is spending billions of dollars on new jet fighter aircraft for the future of our Air Force.


The least we can do for our men and women in our Armed Forces is give them the best equipment we can afford to go out and fight. After all, we are asking them to defend our way of life, and possibly die in the process. -The least we can do is give them the proper equipment to succeed. I mean, would you stick your son or daughter on the ice in equipment from 20 years ago and expect them to play hard and succeed? It's just common sense.

Where I get all pissy in this, is when people out there balk at this Defence spending and then scream that we should feed our own people first.

Fuck that.

If you want opportunity in this country, you have no excuse for lack of resources. For the most part, anyone who is on the street or desolate is there for their own reasons, and mistakes in life. If they want help, they know where to get it, and it's available. We have one of the best socialized systems in the world to help them. If they don't want it, that's their choice.

But I'm certainly NOT going to tell a member of our Armed Forces that we appreciate their sacrifice and service, and then arm them with pop guns to defend themselves. If there are hungry people that we choose to force feed because they are too lazy and deranged to help themselves, let it come at the cost of politician's pay cheques, and not our military.

Whenever the military comes asking for help, it should be there, because they fucking deserve it. Period...

I certainly don't see thousands of people lining up on bridges for 200 kilometres when a homeless person dies...

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