Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mac vs. PC... Who is better? Part 2


Yesterday I was blogging about the difference in people that use MacIntosh products, and the the people out there who use PC's.

Before I start today, I would like to tell you that I don't own a Mac, and have never used one. I will eventually buy a Mac, but as for now, I just can't seem to justify it's cost in terms of what I use a PC for.

My thought going into this blog was to see why Mac people love their product so much, and why Windows people just don't seem to care.

I posted a blog yesterday to start this off, but I also continued it today for a simple reason. I wanted to see how many people would jump on to my blog and comment about Macs, defending Macs, and see how many of these people regualrily follow my blogs. Do you know what was funny? It happened just the way I thought it would! Mac people jumped onto my note/blog and defended Mac products just like I thought they would. Why do they feel it necessary to do this? I imagine that you could pick another topic, and they wouldn't feel the need to read it, let alone comment on it. But for some reason, this is like someone is attacking their belief system. -So I will get back to this...

I'll give you a couple opinions of how I see Mac people (and again, I will start that this is just my opinion...)

People who use Macs are very intelligent for the most part. They are not normal followers of the world, but instead they are innovative thinkers. They respect common sense, and people who listen to it. They are always looking for a more efficient way of doing things, and making things easier and better. They are free thinkers, and in most cases, do not accept mediocrity. When given a sub standard product, they will be vocal about why it doesn't make sense to use it, and seek an ulterior way to better it, rather than just using it like other people in the world might do. They are not people who generally say "thats close enough", and they ask or wonder "why" to a lot of questions in life and need answers.

I find people who use Macs are very pushy, and opinionated at trying to convert the world over to their way of thinking. It's like the world is against them, and they think that Macs are the answers to the world's problems. They identify to their product and the people who use them so deeply, that they are extremely outspoken and passionate about Mac products, and defend or push them all the time on people who just don't share the same passion.

So again, I'm not saying any of this is right, but it is my opinion.

So here's the thing:

They say that Mac users make up about 10-15% of the market share of computer users. What seems odd to me is that you would think a Billionaire like Bill Gates with unlimited resources, and a revolutionary thinking computer geek that he is, would be able to buy out, or take back the market share of Mac. It may only be 10-15%, but I guarantee you that it is a torn in his side.

You might think, "Ah, he has billions of dollars, what does he care about 10%"

But what you don't realize is that he doesn't really give a shit about the money. He likes the control because it strokes his massive ego. And what he doesn't have with Mac users is exactly that. This is one of the reasons why Macs market share will always rise, if they continue to evolve with technology, and why Gates will continually lose market share.

Granted, the 2 companies are marketed to separate demographics, the greater being that Mac controls the people spending more than $1000 on a notebook. PC's are marketed to the masses as a cheaper option to be connected, whereas Mac is marketed to a very specific target area.

But WHY are Mac users so passionate about using Macs? Clearly, computers are computers with small varying degrees, right? I'm quite sure that Bill Gates could go out and hire former Mac designers and come up with his own innovative thinking and compete with Mac head to head, so why doesn't he?!

The answer is simple.

Because he can't.

I was watching a video of a guy named Simon Sinek the other day, just after I was wondering about this topic, and he explained it better to me than I could've ever thought. He said, "People don't buy what you do, people buy WHY you do it" (Google Simon Sinek, and there is an 18 minute video that has a Powerful message that I will include here below...)

He said it again... "People don't buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it."

It occurred to me that the reason why there is such loyalty to Mac users, and why they defend it so vehemently, is because they buy into the belief system of what Mac stands for. They understand that Mac's "WHY" they exist far exceeds a simple computer, iphone, ipad, or any other product they produce. The Mac followers buy into the belief system that Mac creates the necessary human bond to product via marketing, and then they also make good computers.

That is powerful stuff...

I mean think about it... How many people do you know who defend Windows, or PC's?

It's because PC users just use a computer, whereas Mac users use an identity to the cause for which the company stands.

And THAT is why Bill Gates cannot buy away the market share of Mac.

And now the commercials make sense to me. -Of how Mac is always poking fun at the Bill Gates -esque character and making a joke out of him. And Mac people think that it's hilarious because they understand it, whereas the rest of us just see it as an amusing commercial.

So if you want to sell something, or get someone to do something you want, you can try to convince them or you can get them to buy into a belief system, and you can really do some powerful stuff ;)

But as for now, I will stick to my PC...

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