Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Wedding

What an absolute waste on every level!

As if weddings themselves weren't the biggest waste of time, effort, and money, now we have to make it a Royal Wedding.

Nothing says "Love" like spending at least 60K on a wedding, so that everyone can know that somebody loves you. Talk about being full of yourself!!

Let's just say that you won a small lottery of 100K. You meet with your financial advisor to decide what you would do with it to maximize your fortune. You come up with 2 options to present to him...

1) You can take this money and put a significant down payment on a property, or invest it in another way that will yield returns that will continue to build on your principal amount. You will gradually begin to grow some equity, and then start off with some good financial foundation.


2) You can take that "found money" and throw a really great party. It's SO great that everyone disagrees on about the food, the music, the cost, the guests, and then how much they have to spend to get there. You invite some really close friends, and then people you HAVE to invite. It drives you so crazy to plan it that once the day arrives, you don't even really enjoy it enough to have sex afterwards because you are so tired.

When you wake up the next day, your money is gone, but you have some really great flashes of memories to replace all the money you spent on it. Then you can start bitching about it, and within a couple years, you can look back when the divorce is final and think, "WTF was I thinking?!"

That's when everyone you know and love says, "I told you so..."


What a no-brainer. In fact, it's even stupid to present the 2nd option to the financial advisor, isn't it?

Now, let's do the same thing but times it by 1000 because they are "Royals"

Big fucking deal...

I've heard that 2 BILLION people are gonna watch 2 regular people get married. It's something that everyone has seen a million times before in their lives, but this time, every girl can look at Kate Middleton, and imagine that it is THEM in that dress, and not her.


First of all, the Royal family has absolutely NO bearing on anything anymore. -They are completely expendable. Outside of the fact that they are a business in England, that is their major function. Sure, they sell a lot of newspapers, and the paparazzi follow them around everywhere as if they matter... But here's the thing.... They really DON'T matter.

So you will have to excuse me if I miss out on the "Wedding of the Century" whenever it is on.

I'll be busy having a life...

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  1. It's not "important," except to monarchists to whom it matters that future King and his Queen Consort are getting married.

    You are misunderstanding the media coverage. For them, it's business. They are hyping it because they want the ratings and the advertising revenue. The more people they can get to watch, the better off they are.

    For other people who are interested, it is sheer entertainment: pomp, pageantry, ceremony, clothes, jewels, etc. It's a fun and frivolous event in the midst of much more serious matters the world is facing. Everyone needs some lighthearted diversion now and then, and for many people, that's what a royal wedding is.

    The media coverage, incidentally, is actually considerably less than it was back in 1981, when Prince Charles married Diana Spencer. I know that's hard to believe, but it's true.

    Really, the Prince has and is a military person in the British armed forces, must pass the best education, sure rich but anything but a typical millionaire. Works harder and more hours than most, along with the added responsibility of winning the love of the people and uniting a country.
    I would like see anyone work as hard then these newlyweds in such a classy way.


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