Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MAC vs. PC... Who is better?

For years now, I have always wondered why someone who has a Mac has always been the world's greatest salesman for that product. Why do they love Mac so much, and always throw PC's under the bus? Why are they like the vegetarian who is always trying to convince you that eating meat is bad?

I'll get back to these questions, but first, let me tell you about something I tried to make a point...

You know how awkward it is to talk to strangers in the subway, bus, train or planes? Well, every time I saw a MAC user, I would go up to them and simply ask them the following,

"Excuse me, can I ask you a question?" I start off...

That immediately puts EVERYONE on the defensive, right? The first thing you think of, is "What does this crazy person want?" Is it money, or something else that is going to be awkward?

So just when I can notice the person being defensive, I ask them the follow up question.

"Have you always been a Mac user?" I ask

Watch their ENTIRE body language change! They open up, they smile, they answer my questions immediately and with enthusiasm, they take control of the conversation, and there is no more uneasiness because we are now talking about something that they are passionate about. In fact, I can't usually get in a word in. And if you know me, you know what a feat that is...They are passionate about Mac.

That's right, I said passionate. I used the right word, trust me.

Because Mac users are Passionate, if not fanatical about their Mac books ect.

Have you ever met a person with a normal PC, operating Windows to be like that? If you have, can you please contact me, because I would like to meet this person...

My question is, how can a person be so passionate about a computer? PC people just don't care. We really don't... And in case you are wondering, I have never used a Mac in my life, so maybe that is why I wondered about this passion to a computer. See, to me, it's simply a computer, but to Mac lovers, it's a way of life. -It's an identity; Something like motorcycle or Jeep people who wave to each other on the road when they pass each other.

What is the connection?

Clearly Bill Gates, who used to be the richest man on earth, and revolutionized computers and operating systems could hire enough people and push Apple out of business, right? I mean after all, he could probably buy almost ALL of them in the industry and crush out that thorn in his side, and take over the world with PC's. Why hasn't he done it?! What is really stopping him from doing this?

The answer is something that even he can't buy...

And tomorrow, I will tell you why.

Stick around, you're really going to like this...

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