Friday, April 5, 2013

Are you "The Giver"?

Are you the type of person who is always trying to please people? If you are the person who always puts other people in front of yourself and your own interests, only to feel unappreciated and undervalued, then this blog is for you…

The Giver…

You are the type of person who always is giving to others without regard for yourself. You think of helping people 24/7 and it usually comes back to bite you in the ass. Despite all the love and effort you give, people just take and take, leaving you feeling unappreciated and taken advantage of.

Sound like you?

Well, people don’t give for nothing. -Not even you. But let me explain that.

Most people give to get something in return, yet the givers give so that they may feel good about themselves and the contribution they make. Usually this isn’t always seen in a tangible way because when you make a contribution towards another, you never fully see the ripple effect of how it gets passed on. You never fully see the impact of how your gift affects someone else, and then how they take your positive energy and pass it on into the world.

Yet it happens just the same.

This is especially true for you mothers, and even more so, you single mothers out there. You rarely see the impact that you create because it takes such a long time to see the results. It’s really not like making a sale and then getting paid for it right away. Yet, there is no doubt that the contribution you give is measured exponentially higher than that.

So know that you make a difference when you give of yourself. Your reward is the knowledge that you are making a difference, even if it’s not acknowledged as such.

And just so you know, I know it. And I want to acknowledge you for it right now. We all live on a starvation diet of acknowledgement, don’t we? It’s never there when we need it, and yet when we get it, the first thing we do is to dismiss it, instead of letting it sink in.

“That’s a nice outfit you have on!”

Answer, “This old thing?”

See how that went? Sound like you?

So acknowledge yourself, and all the wonderful things that you are to this world and understand that you DO make a difference just by being who you are. That goes double for when you think nobody notices. If you arm yourself with the belief system that you make a difference, then you will keep on being great, and the results will come your way.

Give it some time, and give yourself a break. -Because you really DO deserve it…

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  1. Thanks...I will try.

    (Michelle Szajewski)


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