Monday, April 8, 2013

Finding a Belief System Which Works For You

I think that every single person has made a decision in their lives which they chose because of someone else. Maybe they created it based on what they thought their parents wanted them to do, or a spouse, or their kids, or a boss. Yet, in that moment they did it for someone else, and not because they wanted to themselves.

This must surely happen to everyone at one time or another, right?

Yet what would it be like if you actually lived in the belief system of someone else, and not one that actually “belonged” to you? What if you were actually living your life as if it belonged to someone else or what they wanted you to be?

I can’t think of anything more unworkable than this. You would begin to question yourself on everything that you needed to make a decision on, and it would be tormenting to say the least!

A belief system is such an amazing tool. It really starts with a thought. The thought is then given power when it is combined with confirmation that it is your “truth.” When it is finally declared in language it becomes your belief system, unique to only you in the entire Universe.

So you would think that we should really own and recognize our OWN belief system, and not one that belongs to anyone else, right?

If I thought about why I now believe the things that I believe, it would come from a combination of my upbringing, my parents, education, religious beliefs ect.

Somewhere along the way I decided things that I agreed with and things I didn’t agree with, and this became my own “reality.”

My reality is completely different from anyone else’s reality because I listen, hear, talk and see things through my own personal filtering system, just like you do the same with yours.

Where my belief system works for me is when I can actually be passionate about something that I love rather than be doing something because “I have to.”

If I “have to” do something, I may end up doing it, but I will never do it passionately, as if I really wanted to do it because it was my choice.

So if you were to look into your life to see where you were doing things for other people, and not for yourself, you would see areas of your life that weren’t as fun as you would like them to be. This would suggest that you are living your life with someone else’s belief system and not your own.

One thing I know about doing things in my own life. I know that my way of doing things doesn’t work for everybody else. More importantly, I know that other people’s way of doing things doesn’t work for me. And I am the person who needs to get it done, right?

So if I were to choose to do it my way, I would always have the ability to feel comfortable in making my own results. I’m clear that I will make mistakes, yet I can handle making mistakes and learning if they are my beliefs and not someone else’s. Only then I can take responsibility for them and learn from them and it becomes another belief that works for me, and not against me.

So the real question is, where in your life could you be living someone else’s life, and when are you going to chose to live your own; the one that will work for you and not against you?

It’s always about you getting what works better for you. I’m really clear that a world of “Chuck’s” would be a terribly unbalanced place to live in. Yet, I believe that if every one was passionate about what they believed in, and operated with a belief system that enabled them to do extraordinary things, the world would be an amazing place.

So it starts with you. Find out the areas which aren’t working for you and look at your belief system and find out what DOES work.

When you discover that, you’ll be amazing at whatever it is you want to do!

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