Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mighty Mouse in My House

I recently have noticed that I have traces of mice in my house. Well, this is just a pain in the ass.

So you do your due-deligence in trying to rid yourself of the little scamps, and buy some traps. Not exactly a nice way to play, but these rodents don't respect the rules of the house which are, "Anything with more hands and legs than me, or crawling on all fours are not welcome."

So Day 1, I set the trap using peanut butter. Sticky, sweet and usually attractive to mice. I set the trap with such a hairtrigger that I almost snap off my fingers twice laying it down.

I check the trap the following morning, and the mouse has licked the trap dry of the peanut butter and it hasn't gone off.

The score: Mouse 1, Chuck 0 at the end of the first period of play.

Day 2, I use cheese. I figured this is the catcher for sure. I smeared that cheese on good and tight on the trap, set it and waited for the poor bastard to eat it.

I check the trap the following morning and the mouse has again licked the trap dry of the cheese and it hasn't gone off.

The score: Mouse 2, Chuck 0 at the end of the second period.

I'm amazed at this point to tell you the truth. I check the trap to see how come it's not going off and I almost take my finger off yet again! I get distracted and forget to reload the trap and put it back where it was.

I wake up the next morning and remembered that I didn't bait the trap so I go to look at it, and the mouse has left a litter of his own shit surrounding the trap INCLUDING shitting ON the trap

Final Score: Mouse 3, Chuck 0

What a cheeky little bastard! Still, the sassy little thing has Moxsy!

I don't know whether to kill him now, or have a drink with him...

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  1. Thanks for the share Chuck. Did you think about baiting those traps with Mouse Poison covered in peanut butter? It would kind of give you a second line of defense in case it avoids the trap.


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