Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jian Ghomeshi The CBC, and Sexual Assault Accusations

There's a lot of media going on about the alleged sexual assault, and firing of Jian Ghomeshi from the CBC.

I read Jian's statement that he released a couple days ago on Facebook, and I thought it was pretty incredible.

I thought it was incredible because it never ceases to amaze me that some celebrities think they are entitled to the same amount "freedom" as commoners.

But first let me explain what I mean by freedom...

Jian explained in his statement that what happens in his bedroom is his business, and nobody else's. Not the government, the CBC, or anyone else. And he's right about that. He has the freedom to do whatever the hell he wants inside of the 4 walls of his bedroom.

However, there is a difference between freedom and accountability or impact.

For example, freedom of speech means that you can say what you want to say. However, the impact of you exercising that right doesn't deflect from the impact of it. When you say something hurtful, you may have the right, but there is going to be an impact and accountability. People like Jian seem to confuse exercising the right, with not having an impact.

So sure, Jian. You have the right to get down and nasty in your sex life. It's completely your business and right to do so. But just to be clear, when it emerges from one of your groupies that you happen to like tying consenting women up, and beating the piss out of them because "it turns me on", you can say it was your right. Well, you may have that right, but I wouldn't exactly say that you have much of a case to complain about it when it emerges in the public eye. And as a celebrity, one might think that you would be very mindful of that. Especially when you work for the national platform of the CBC, a pretty conservative organization.

But you know what worries me? It's the fact that 4 women have stepped forward. It only makes me want to ask myself, how many other women are there being silent about this? I'm guessing a lot. I'm not thinking that on your black book list this was something you logged down once a year as "a treat", and have only done it once a year for the past 4 years. I'm gonna take a stab at it, that you're really into this kind of thing. So I'd be prepared for more women to start coming out of your closet with some really weird stories of where you like to hide stuff on your person, all brought to you by some really interesting women.

Certainly when you are a celebrity, it's going to attract the attention with certain women who seek it, with someone who provides it. So if you're hanging with women who like to be dominated and beaten in the bedroom, would one really think that these are safe, grounded, level headed women? I'd almost wonder if you're really willing to risk your career, reputation and name for this choice or freedom of yours.

And just a side note. If you actually get off from dominating women, being dominated, having to use "safe words" if shit goes sideways, you might wanna look at that. Or perhaps have someone else look at that for you. The job you save just might be your own.

But do you have the right to live your life that way Jian? Absolutely. Yet the cost of your choice is that you got your ass canned like tuna. I betcha it was all worth it.

But there's good news is Jian. We live in a country where you have the right to do it. So I hope you learned the lesson between having the right, and exercising it. Now you're going to be locked into a battle with the CBC, looking for 55 million dollars for being the victim. If this process gets a little too much for you to handle, I suggest you exercise your right to use your "safe word" and see if they stop.

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