Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Things THIS Father Wants His Daughter to Know... Part 2

Things THIS Father Wants His Daughter to Know... Part 2
Daughters really are angels without wings.

I believe that females are born with superpowers that men aren’t born with. So seeing the beginning of your life which has the power to change the world, is invigorating to me. Especially when that little girl is my daughter.
I have compiled a list of 20 points in communicating to my daughter and all females, the lessons I feel will help her create a wonderful life.
Here is Part 2 of that list…

11) Self-Improvement is the greatest investment you can make in your life. We never stop learning, so it goes without saying that this is an endless education. Yet, it makes life infinitely easier to deal with. At each level the game changes, you will need to have the tools to get to the next journey. How far you want to go depends solely on you. It’s very similar to post secondary education. Those who choose education live a much more educated life. Choose to educate yourself because education is knowledge. Knowledge is power, and power is choice.
12) Have Faith that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and a purpose, and it always serves you. The key to this belief system is that you believe you are always supported in life. If you believe that you are supported, and not alone trying to survive, your life will be stress-free. Stress is simply a lack of Faith that it will all work out. When you are stressed, you have defensiveness and resistance. Resistance is your agenda. Choose to release it, and adapt to the situation.
13) You don’t know everything, and that’s ok. Whenever something happens that you didn’t expect and the Director says, “Scene change”, adapt as if it was already written in a script, and you were the actor in the story of your life. Your vision of how you think life “should” play out is extremely limited and small. Whenever something bad happens, it opens up the possibility for something great to come out of it. Countless great inventions and events came out of failures.
14) Failure is feedback. Just because you fail, it doesn’t make you a failure. It’s simply the Universe giving you feedback that what you are doing isn’t aligned in its current method. Don’t give it significance and drama and make it about you. It’s never about you, ever.
15) Always be kind and respect your Mother. Nobody on the planet Loves you as much as she does. Even if you think she has an odd way of showing it, she’s always coming from a place with your best interest at heart. Parents will always Love and support you with the current tools they have in their own lives. Their tools always match their level of parenting. We will make many mistakes, but Understanding that is paramount to understanding that parents are put here on this earth to make your life better.

16) Death is part of the life cycle. We all will die. Some leave faster than we would’ve liked, but it’s all for a reason. Respect and prepare for it as such. This isn’t just for your peace of mind, but also for the sake of those who Love you. Never say something in malice which may be the final words you utter to someone. When someone dies, it’s normal to be sad. The certainty is that we will all die, the trick of it is to feel complete about how you feel when it happens. Never leave things unsaid. Anything can be cleared up in conversation, but not regret.
17) Relationships are the only true currency in life. All the things in life mean nothing without meaningful relationships. Invest your time with other people, and be genuinely interested in them. It’s better to be interested, than interesting…
18) A Soul Mate is person who opens up your world to being a better person, and is not necessarily the person you are in Love with. Chasing the idea of a soul mate and having them fit into a romantic role may be counter-productive. It’s up to you to recognize and accept people for who they are, and not what you want them to be.
19) Be empathetic to people. Understand that people do things in life for 2 reasons: 1) To get what they want. 2) To escape the pain or fear they are currently in. Give them space and understanding for both.
20) Know specifically what you want in life. If you are clear on what you want, you will develop purpose, and then it can show up. Purpose is the most powerful tool which will cause you to persevere when you get stopped. When people see how driven and committed you are to your purpose, they will be drawn to you, and you will attract like-minded people. But knowing what specifically what you want is paramount.
There are a million other things I would want to share with you. But these points are a wonderful place to start from. They will give you a solid foundation, and you can build your platform any way you wish. However you decide to proceed will be your choice, and I will always support you in that. Know that it won’t be easy. Nobody said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.
I will Love you all the days of my life, and all the days of yours. Now go out there and make the biggest splash possible. The world is waiting for your contribution, and it is sorely needed. I can’t wait to hear about it, so make sure you leave some time for your ol’ man. Fathers are really little boys trapped inside men’s bodies when it comes to their daughters.
Because daughters really are angels without wings…

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