Sunday, February 21, 2010

The 2010 Winter Olympics Games in Vancouver

First of all, I wanted to start out by saying how disappointed I was in the organizing committee for the Opening Ceremony. It was horrible...

Not to say that it didn't have its good points, but I just hate it when you try to please everyone because then, you just won't please anyone. Canadians, are always worried that we will upset somebody. Who will be hurt by not being represented in this showing of our culture? Did we include the Natives? What about the French, -did they get enough air time? How about the gay population, the handicapped, did they get their time as well?

I'm tired of having all of these sub-cultures complain about their 15 minutes of fame when the world is watching. If you are a proud Canadian, you are a Canadian first, then you are Native, French, English, Gay, or whatever. The representation of our red and white flag with a Maple Leaf is enough to make you feel that lump in your throat when you see your Olympic athletes come out of that tunnel. You cheer and support them regardless if they are white, gay, French, or whatever they are. They are country men and women, PERIOD.

Of course, you are going to hear the French population come across and claim that the ceremony wasn't represented as much as it should've been in French, considering that Canada is officially a Bi-lingual country. But in the effort to keep the ceremony interesting, and as reasonable that time would allow, it must be in the language that every country in the world speaks. -ENGLISH. This isn't a slight towards our French countrymen, because it is done in every Olympic games, because the international language is ENGLISH.

I can't tell you how embarrassed I was when all my friends from other countries sheepishly told me that they were surprised with how Canada chose to represent itself in the Opening Ceremonies, and I had to agree with them. It was embarrassing, but truly representational of how Canada will include everyone in their country. To be honest with you, I felt that Canada went WAY out of their way to include as many different sub-cultures as it could possibly fit in to make everyone feel included, while the world watched and wondered where our unified spirit went.

So to say I felt let down being a proud Canadian was an understatement. I wanted the world to see how Canada is really represented. -The good, and the bad. Show the world our hero’s and legends. (Where was anything of Terry Fox mentioned?!)

Show the world our funny stereotypes like Bob and Doug McKenzie, and let the world know that we can laugh at ourselves and still be proud Canadians. Show our Mounties, Armed Forces and Peacekeeping Forces, and let our elected leaders project that pride. I can't believe how little I saw of any of this. The Chinese had their culture front and centre for their Olympics and did a fantastic job of doing it. In comparison to their effort, I give Canada a "D+" for the entire performance.

I just hope the Men's Hockey Team can come up with a performance to unite us again as one nation of Canadians, because that's what Hockey seems to do in this country. No matter what, if you are a Canadian, you cheer for your hockey team wearing Red and White with that proud Maple Leaf on the front. And it's a lot of pressure, but everyone knows that anything less than Gold is a disappointment. And after the opening ceremony, I can't accept any more, so...



  1. I am really sorry to hear that you feel this way and to be quite honest the negativity of your blogs is rather disturbing...
    There must be some good things in your life that you can write about!?!?!? As life is exactly the way we choose to see it--negative attitude brings forward the negative things and positivity makes the good things shine brightest!
    So, I hope that for your own and your family's sake you will choose wisely and bring out your positive attitude and let everyone else to see your greatness and love...
    You write brilliantly though remember, there are millions of different opinions in the world and just because you cannot grasp other people's view of life, it doesn't make them wrong or bad!
    With gratitude

  2. I'm sorry that I took the time to read this blog. I'm very offended by your comments and disagree on many levels. I was pleased with the Opening ceremony. Coming from a strong, intelligent, educated, hard working line of First Nations, English, Iris, Scottish, and Welsh settlers, and as a mother of two beautiful children I am embarrased that you chose to make such ignorant comments.

    I'm sad that while my family will be wearing our olympic gear (that has a First Nations design in the maple leaf) tonight that we will be united with you as we all watch the hockey game.

    Eventhough I briefly knew you in my life, these blogs and your recent facebook comments have reminded me to keep my life more authentic and real by surrounding myself with people who add to my life. So thankyou for that at least.

    Respectfully, a previous SEP sister.

  3. I agree in some ways that we went off a little too long in showing our cultures. Was a good opening ceremonies all in all. We're not all about native culture though people. Sorry. Did I "cross the line???"

  4. Where on earth are all these comments coming back about my remarks about me being Anti-Native?! READ THE BLOG AGAIN, and stop being so victim-atic. Nobody is bashing natives here, you are barking up the wrong tree. The point is, be Canadian first. That's it, and that's all.

  5. I wasn't clear enough earlier for reasons that you will never understand. I am and always will be First Nations of Canada first and then Canadian. That's it and that's all!!!!!


  6. great, if that choice works for you. It doesn't make me lose sleep at night. That's the beauty of a free country. Be who you IS. But when the rest of Canadians are Canadians first, and proud of it, it makes it really hard to empathize with you. My question to all about this is simple:
    Take wherever you come from Historically and then ask the question, if Canada were to go to war with that country, which side are you on? If you are not on Canada's side, then you have answered my question loud and clear.

  7. Oh Chuck for myself historically, no since time immemorial my anscestors come from a small town in british columbia and north battleford sask...hence First Nations first then Canadian. Nonie

  8. Typical safe, dull, Canadian production, which I suppose, is our I'm just disappointed that nothing about the Underground Railroad was included in the ceremonies. It's a part of Canadian culture, or is it more a part of Canadian history? Should there have been an hommage to Bethune, Banting and Bess, The Group Of Seven, Ken Thompson, the Canada-Arm, Dr. Naismith, James Gosling, Billy Bishop?

  9. I am really sad to read these comments....
    A feedback on a blog that's public needs to be a taken as feedback and however you choose to use it afterwards is your own choice, then again no feedback should be tossed back at someone's face and again--in a negative way like that....
    I am really sad to see that you're positivity is not shining through on this blog-site and that you have made the choice to see life around you as attacking and negative as it comes across in your writing...
    Hopefully the sweet and golden heart of yours will win and soon your writing will consist of the pleasures of life instead of pain.
    With gratitude


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