Thursday, February 25, 2010

Canadian Hockey Just Rocks...

After watching that good ol' ass-thrashing of the Russians last night, I was finally relieved to see our National Men's team look like they were working harder. They came out of the gates last night like a bunch of gorillas out of a cage, scoring 4 times alone in the first period.

It was only a game, but I'm quite sure that I'm not alone in thinking that it made the rest of Canada feel vindicated that our National Men's team, loaded with deep talent in every position, was able to prove it against our #1 rivals, the Russians.

As we unloaded goal after goal against the Russians, I felt more and more excited. The final score turned out to be 7-3, but it may as well have been 17-3. A great relief came over me.

It sounds stupid, but it's true. For some reason, hockey pulls Canada together. I mean, you could go to work and face your idiot boss that you have NOTHING in common with, and not like the SOB, but for the one time in a year, you could discuss the hockey game of how we put the beating on the Russians last night with arms wrapped around each other like you were frat buddies.

You would use pronouns like "we" in referring to the game, and it would sound like you we actually ON the team, flew to Vancouver, played in the game, hung out, flew BACK in time for the 9am meeting, and get ready to close some deals.

Every Canadian feels like that today. Well, not EVERY Canadian... I'm sure there are people who really don't care about it, but if they are, they are certainly not reading MY blog, because I simply wouldn't know anyone like that...hahaha

But mostly, the Olympics and sports in general just end up being a simple game, but it adds much more to your life. You get a chance to see the hard work and sacrifice of any given athlete working for years, to stand for mere minutes on a podium that tells the world that it was worth it. All the human interest stories, and come from behind underdog scenarios were the things that made you think that your day and your life isn't so bad.

And that's exactly what sports does. It gives you that one moment of escape from your regular life to appreciate what you are really passionate about.

And it gives you that certain feeling of glee, when you see that glee and indescribable pride in your athlete's eyes when they hoist the same common flag that we know and love as Canadians.

And that's why I love the Olympics. I can appreciate the other countries out there, but just like every other person, I cheer for my home athletes on home soil, and we are proud of each and every one of you, regardless of outcome or medal.

Go Canada Go!!

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