Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

What a great American tradition!!

And this tradition has no border. There is no 49th parallel to divide North from South on this day. On this day, we are all football lovers. Indeed, numerically, we are just a small force of the people in the world who like American Football.

And even if you don't like football, or simply don't understand it, you get "Superbowl Sunday" don't you? It transcends much more than the sport itself, and it combines big business with tradition, and makes it a world class event every single year, regardless of who plays.

Families who may have never watched a football game all year will go over to a friend's house with platters of wings, nachos, chips, dips, and appetizers in hand and be happy just to watch the infamous commercials that cost 3.5 million for a 30 seconds slot. And if that doesn't float your boat, you can get off by watching this year's halftime entertainment; all the way from the depths of Hell and back again, The WHO.

And just to add some icing on this cake, you can actually be assured that the 2 best quarterbacks this season will be attending roll call today and will be gunning for their place in Superbowl history. These 2 teams were both undefeated until the 2nd last games of the year. I simply can't remember when #1 from the East played #1 from the West in the Superbowl...

So get out your charts, your pools, your wagers will count today! Enjoy the day with family and friends, and root for your favourite team (today)

Oh, and who am I rooting for? Well, I'm just hoping for a great game back and forth, but I would love to see the City of New Orleans have something to cheer about. The Sentimental Chuck is hoping for the Saints by a field goal, and letting the party on Bourbon Street celebrate a truly worthy victory, for a city that is long overdue for some Love...

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