Monday, February 8, 2010

The Worst 30 Seconds of Being a Canadian...

What a great Superbowl yesterday!!

It was filled with action packed football, it had a great half-time show; it had all those commercials that were... Canadian. Ugh.

I swear, this is the one time a year that I am embarrassed at being a Canadian. During the 30 seconds slots in between plays in the Superbowl that sell for over 3.5 million for a time slot in the States, but here in Canada, just plain suck.

The thing is, I know that we are different from being Americans, but it doesn't mean that they get to have all the good commercials, and we get stuck with the Canadian ones!! That's not fair!! We're too nice of a nation to be subjected to commercials about Insurance, Cars, and Banks. -That's all we get during the Superbowl which is supposed to be the best of the best in terms of commercials.

Insurance companies, banks, and cars. That's the best you got?!

I thought the automotive industry was dead? So why are you spending millions advertising your foreign car amongst a bunch of boring commercials that we are just turning the channel from anyway?

Here's a tip... Canadians are pretty funny people. We enjoy a joke once in a while. So be a little funny, and we will remember your product, tell a friend about it in the dressing room, and generally give it some legs in the society we live in.

OR... You could keep advertising YOUR way, and completely turn us off. Oh wait, sorry...You've already done that.

Do you know that if someone walked up to me in a bar and said, "I've seen your commercials in Canada during the Superbowl. How do you live in a country that tolerates that?" I just might have to buy him a drink...In fact, maybe a double.

He's got a point...

We must have a bunch of old Victorian Bible-Thumping advertising executives that thwart away any new ideas coming into CTV... "Sorry, if it's not a car, insurance, or a bank, we can't advertise it."

Good policy.

In fact, the only thing worse than that advertising, was the advertising that the Olympics were coming to Vancouver...

Wow, now there's a newsflash. I didn't know that. -I'm glad that they kept using valuable airtime to advertise it over and over again, that the Olympics are coming to Vancouver. -Apparently soon too...

So if you asked me if I enjoyed the Superbowl last night, Check. Were the snacks good? Check. How were the commercials? Hang on, I'll have to check.

Maybe I'll look on a non-Canadian network, and see something funny for once...

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