Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Morning Routines

When I wake up, the first thing I think of is, "Hmmmmm, Coffee!"

I was never a coffee person before, but now there is just no going back. If coffee were lethal to a human being, I would be dead at the end of today from a suicidal dose, and I would go out with a smile on my face. The worst thing is, I hate being a coffee lover. To me, it's like being a smoker, and being proud of it. I think I should be saying, "Yes, I'm a coffee lover, but I'm trying to quit..."

But not this cat...

I'm hooked, and today I can't have my precious cup of Joe. So what am I doing about it? I'm ranting to you because misery loves company.

I never realized just how much I love my morning coffee until I can't have it. The idea of it right now is like a crack addict looking for his next fix. And that person is me...

Like smoking, I'm quite sure that half of the addiction is by daily routine. I wake up, get my coffee, head to my desk, and start on my computer to face the day. I work, I blog and start my day, and all of this with a warm cup of Java on my desk. It's just a routine that I have that starts me off on the right foot, and when you get rid of it, you lose a part of your comfort zone. And nobody at my age likes that very much.

We all have our morning routines that start us off. I think that the older I get, the more I need these routines, whereas when I was a kid, I could care less about them.

I guess this is the time where I have accepted that I am a little bit crazy, and I know what I like.

And this morning, I really miss my morning coffee...


  1. So why no coffee this morning?

  2. getting the deviated septum in my nose fixed...

    Boo... I just hope its worth it...

  3. don't you'll have your java tomorrow.........


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