Saturday, February 5, 2011

Powerful Life Changing Moments Between People

Let me ask you something...

If I were to ask you what is the most powerful moment that you had in your life, what would you say it was?
Would you have to think about it, or would you know it off the cuff, and be able to tell me with every surprising detail?

Or let me ask you something even deeper...

What if I were able to jump into a time machine and go through your life, and I knew where that point in your life was, when you were the most vulnerable, and something dramatic happened. Instead of me asking you to TELL me a time, I chose that moment in your life, and asked you a specific question, or even mentioned where that memory took place in my question, and created a moment for you to remember it and tell me.

I can already see the smile from your face from here...

This has happened to me many times with people in my life that I have just met, and we have been able to touch on something in common that each draws out these powerful memories and emotions, and immediately, the relationship with this new person has been thrust to another level that would normally take years to get to.

Suddenly, every wall or insecurity has been wiped away, and now commonality has replaced it, and it feels great. I am now smiling, laughing, sharing commonality of something that is both passionate to me and this new person I am talking to, and this is because I feel that they feel it too. And even better, I can see that they SEE it.

-They "Get" me, they understand me, they've been there...

This special moment is immediately identifiable by the twinkle in their eyes, the smile on their face, and the passion in how they talk about it. When this is shared by someone who has also experienced it, seen it, or had a tangible understanding of it, this commonality is huge.


Did you ever see The Bridges of Madison County with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep? There was a moment when Eastwood's character was driving Streep's character in the truck to see the Bridge that he wanted to photograph. On the way there, he asked her where she was from in Italy, and she tells him that shes from a small little town in Italy that he's "probably never heard of" called Bari.

Here's where the entire movie changed...

He replies back nonchalantly that he knows Bari. Not only has he heard of it, but he was taking a train to the port town of Brindisi to catch his ferry to Greece, when he passed through Bari, and liked it so much that he got off the train and spent a few days there. -Well, this just baffled her. She couldn't understand why he would just get off the train and spend time in her little town, which probably felt like a million miles away to her, now that she lived in a farm in Iowa. And he did it because he told her "it looked like a nice place to stop"

From this point in the movie, whatever attraction she might've had for this man just went through the roof! You could see that she couldn't stop thinking about this moment, and she was replaying it in her head, over and over again. He had accessed a part in this woman that had brought out more in one moment than a thousand dinners together couldn't have uncovered.

And from that moment, this woman let this strange man enter into a world that she had not even opened up to her own husband or kids, and they go on to have a torrid love affair that was life changing. In fact, it was so powerful that in the end of the movie, she chooses to have her ashes thrown off the Bridge that she had met him on that day, rather than being buried next to her husband.


I wonder if that would've happened if they wouldn't have had that one moment together that created that attraction?

So have you had a moment, or moments in your life where you have felt this way? Looking back at it, does it create enormous amounts of happy thoughts that take you back to that moment?

Hmmmmmmmmmm. I do, and they're wonderful...

Pictures, videos, songs, paintings, recordings, journals, letters, and People. Man, they are endless... I have been truly blessed by having the memories I have, and the people I have met, that I can keep in it.

I know that this was a long blog, but I really wanted to share it with you, and see if you have the same thoughts that I do.

Do you?

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