Monday, February 14, 2011

Letdowns on Valentine's Day

Guys generally like to win. We have this competitive streak in us that makes us morons to strive to win at anything we are doing. We will work hard, persevere, toil, and go through pain staking moments to win at all costs.

-Except on Valentine's Day.

Why? Because we know that we can't win. Either way, if we do something nice for you on Valentine's Day, we are only competing with the other guys out there who we feel are "selling out" to this Hallmark Holiday, because it doesn't have anything to do with how much or (how little) we love you.

It seems that woman universally are let down by us men on this day repeatedly. Sure, there is the random woman out there who really gets a kick out of the fact that her man went and got her that one token gift that she really appreciates, and it makes her feel like a queen for a day. But generally speaking, this is rare.

So why do us men not "Get" it?

Well, it's not that we don't "Get" it, it's that we just don't accept it. We are stubborn breeds of people, and we resent the fact that someone out there is forcing us to be romantic on a day where every other male has to do it as well. It really takes away from the giving that we so rarely do.

To begin with, men are generally not as romantic as women are. We don't have massive amounts of Estrogen like you do, and our brain processes those feelings differently than your does. So if you are expecting us to be romantic, you are going to be let down. It's a little like how we could take you to the sporting event that you like the least. -You could probably stomach it for a while, but you would never be able to appreciate it because it's just not in you.

Romance really doesn't interest us as men unless it is the vehicle that GETS us to the good stuff which romance will bring. IE: SEX. We only show romance in order to get us down the line of where its going to lead. In many ways, it's like going to the gym. We may not like working out, but we really like the product it yields.

I know, this is a BIG surprise isn't it?

So, this means that you get a routine gift on Valentine's Day because it is Expected, or worse, you get nothing because we rebel against society and won't be forced into a Hallmark Holiday.

Now, if I could put together a wish list about Valentine's Day, this is how as a man, I would have it go...

My partner would always smile and let me know that I am loved and supported, which in turn would make me go out and want to conquer the world to provide for her.

She would simply say "Thank you" to each and every compliment that I ever gave her. No more, no less. I don't want to hear you fishing for more, or say something like "what did I deserve to hear this?" -Stop ruining our attempt to say something nice to you. It doesn't often come, so appreciate it when it does, and you will get more.

3 ways that a man shows his love for you are what Steve Harvey calls the 3 P's:

Provide: We will take care of you given the fact that we have the power to do so.

Protect: We make sure you are safe, and that you feel safe and loved.

Proclaim: If we love you, we will tell it to everyone on the highest mountain, and let everyone know by putting the biggest rock we can't afford on your finger.

So if you are looking for a romantic Valentine's Day, please go easy on us. We don't like to be forced into shitty holidays like this when we feel that we show you all year long that we love you.

It just doesn't come out on one day of the year when we are supposed to say it...

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