Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Process of Writing a Novel...

When I first started writing as a kid, I really felt connected to the idea of story telling. It was an avenue that I could use to express myself before I really knew who I was. It would take much more time and experience to shape my character and my personality, but I found that writing was a way that brought out the creative side of me.

Throughout my life, I have always toyed with writing as an avenue that just helped me function. Whether it was to tell somebody how I felt, or it was to tell ME how I felt, writing always came so naturally to me.

However without a story to tell, I became void of presenting something that I could voice to help this process. -But then I found it...

While re-reading my journals from my mid 20's, I found a story that was I was able to relate to, and create it because it was based on my life experiences. For the better part of 2 years now, I have started writing this story, and telling it by putting it down on paper. -This has been infinitely more difficult than I ever thought it would be. Worse, I already have the story in my head, and I still struggle with getting it down on paper.

This is mostly because it is INCREDIBLY time consuming. In many ways, it is like eating an elephant all by yourself. You must do it one bite at a time, and just keep eating. You struggle with the content, the idea, and you hear voices of your family and friends telling you that it is pure shit. You never hear the words of encouragement from these people, because you are scared to show your work to anyone. I would rather hear the voices in my head of what I am assuming people to say, than to have them actually tell you the real thing that is on their minds when they read it.

Well, that was until today...

In the past week, I have written more in my novel than all of last year, and it feels great!! I thought that the momentum is slowly turning to my side in this process, now that I understand that it is a PROCESS. It is by far the most difficult thing I have ever attempted, but it is slowly coming to come together.

And why do I say that? I say this because I have a very dear friend, and former teacher, that told me so today.

That's all it took!!

Words of encouragement from a person I respect and admire, and I can write another 1000 words. When I sent her the segment of the last 20 pages today, she sent me an email back telling me all about how my novel is coming to life, and she concluded it by saying the words, "I am so proud of you"

Wow, powerful stuff.

I think when I finish this novel, (I am projecting May 9th as the date for my first draft) regardless of how it does, or if it gets published at all, I will have been able to tell a story that will touch and affect everyone that reads it from my eyes, and experiences. I can be remembered for what perspective I have told in my characters and story, and I find that simply intoxicating.

For those of you who have often inquired about my novel, thank you for asking. There was a time there where I was just not able to write, and it has shown me how to take advantage of the times when writing flows from me. But the positive feedback of those who follow my blogs, and my writing is of paramount inspiration to me, and I thank you all for it.

I hope to be able to show you something worthy of the time you will spend in reading my novel, and I hope to pass on a great story that will hopefully affect your life as it has in my life...



Soon-to-be-Author (Man, that sounds SO cool!!)

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