Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shock Value

I love the shock value that hit unassuming people right between the eyes when they aren't expecting it.
-Especially in the service industry. Everyone in hotels, or airlines or waitresses have to be so professional and all. So, I try to always mix it up with these people so that they don't always have to deal with stuffy, pretentious assholes.

So today, I was having breakfast and I handed the waitress a large bill, and she looked at me funny. So I said, "Too Big?"

"Do you have anything smaller?" she asked

"My penis..." I replied with a smug face while shrugging my shoulders

You should've heard the thud when she hit the ground...

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  1. You're horrible! ok...not so much...I wouldve pissed myself laughing if I were her lol


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