Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Could YOU be The Biggest Loser?

I just finished watching the season finale of the Biggest Loser. One word describes the human spirit of their accomplishments...


Amazing can be the only word I can think of that explains the hard work and direction that these people had. But as much help that they had with trainers, support, time, meal plans, and such, this could not be possible without one final piece of the puzzle. And that is...

The Need for Change.

Most alcoholics need to hit rock bottom in order for this to hit them in order for them to look at themselves and know that they need to change. They seek help, and AA has helped countless people get and stay sober. But there really is no such rock bottom, or as drastic, for overweight people.
There are so many classes of overweight. Most people are overweight either slightly or moderately. But would never call themselves fat.
Then there are the people who are severely overweight before coming to the obesity classification.

Where are you in all of this?

The thing is, its easy to make excuses and not hold yourself accountable as to save your ego and pride, but when it really comes down to it, why do we do this?

Why do we take better care of the "other" vehicles in our lives such as a car, our homes, cottages, or yards, than we do of our own body? Why is it acceptable for us to treat our body so badly when it is the only life support system that we own.
As a parent, why would you allow your children to be this out of shape? Isnt this just subjecting your kids to preventable socially awkward situations and allowing their confidence levels to falter? I would think this is a mild form of child abuse. -Its a preventable situation that needs to be addressed.
I think schools should teach this as nutrition in our education system. Less Calculas and more programs on subjects that our youth can actually use in everyday life.

But like I said, it has to start with a conscious choice.

But I can already hear them cry out en masse..."I don't know HOW to do it"

Well, then today is your lucky day. If someone gives you the knowledge and you sit on it without using it, is that the thing that really stopped you from achieving your goal? What if you HAD the knowledge and you had the drive, the will to change and all you had to do was just follow the plan? Would you make that change for yourself? If not for yourself, would you do it for your partner, your kids, or someone else?

Well, as I said earlier, the knowledge is the easy part.

A friend of mine, Marc "Funk" Roberts has been a fitness guru for over 25 years. He is a person that pays his body first.
He will teach you and give you the years of experience that he has accumulated in dieting, work outs, wellness, supplements and healthy choices in life to get where your body needs to go.

Feel free to check him out on facebook as Funk Roberts, or go directly to his blog at:

I ask only one thing...

This information is free. Marc has worked extremely hard over 25 years to maintain his body and he takes this very seriously. Please respect his time and do not waste it. Just because he offers this for free, should not take away from the value of his message.
However, Marc will be pleased to answer your serious questions and write for your interest. He is entertaining, fun, and he will help you get where you are needing to go. I could not think of one person I know more that I respect in terms of his knowledge of fitness and wellness.

But in whatever you choose to do, I hope you are happy with the results that you have choosen. Life is too short to not be pleased with what you want...

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