Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose Vodka...

Most beer ads show young people out in a social setting having a good time. They are usually in their mid 20's, in great shape and always good looking. Never having a beer belly, looking out of shape, and out of control, which is kind of ironic because these are all things that their product produces over time drinking it.

So if I thought that there was a worse commercial that beer ads, it came in the form of Grey Goose Vodka. It was during the finals of Wimbledon that I saw it continually air. The ad takes place on a sailboat and it was pretty much THE most pretentious commercial I have ever seen. It went on to make their vodka create a lifestyle of the rich and famous. Which is all fair and good, because it's their way of promoting their Vodka. But its so stupid to see the people buy into this crap.

But here is the problem:


Now, I know someone is gonna jump on me and say, "Oh Chuck, I can tell the difference between 2 vodkas"

Good for you. -Get off the sauce!!

If you can tell the difference between 2 vodkas, you should check into AA.

And who drinks straight vodka neet anyway?! Vodka is a mixed drink that is most commonly drowned with Cranberry, Orange Juice, Clamato, or Tomato Juice. Add some ice and a piece or fruit/stalk of celery and you have a good drink. And after one or two of these, I GUARANTEE that you can't tell the difference in taste!!

And again, if you can, check your ass into an AA meeting. -You only ever have to say your first name, so your secret is safe.

Where I get pissed off is this:

All I every hear from young little pretentious club goers is that they only drink Grey Goose Vodka. Grey Goose has obviously done a fantastic job of marketing their product so that these little idiots feel that they are the upper class of Vodka drinkers and that they won't drink anything else because it is beneath them.

There must be a million other vodkas out there. Some are hundreds of years old, some use Iceberg ice melted down to get the best possible water source, some distill multiple times to get their own unique taste. Whatever their process is, I can't tell the difference between them sober, and I certainly can't taste it after a few drinks.

Yet, here is an example of a product with dozens of competitors making vodka, and the best marketer dictates that they can charge a premium price for the same thing as the other guy sells.

And these losers out there BUY it!!

And WORSE, they actually believe that they are not cheap for wasting their money for buying the prestigious vodka. And I see this, and laugh.
Sure, you little tart. Sure, you can taste the difference. Sure, you deserve a better tasting vodka so that you can get just as drunk as the next person beside you, and then pay for it. But don't tell me that because Grey Goose creates an image that its drinkers have class and money, that it translates into you being sophisticated.


  1. My name is Janet and I am a vodka drinker......

  2. For the most part - I say fair enough, and true that...
    I'd argue only that some DO drink vodka alone, or in a martini (not a party-girl-tini split with juice and bubbles, a James Bond style martini.) Those that I know that do however, care not for the image or the ads. It IS the flavor.
    If that's your drink of choice, you likely can tell them apart - and not because you're an alcoholic. Is one 3oz martini more booze than a 6-pack of beer at a party? How can you judge and label people with problems like that, based on selection of liquor? I'd ask the author if he has a brand of iced tea he prefers, or which OJ is regularly in his fridge. Coke or Pepsi Sir - do you really never care? Or more parallel, is 'all beer, just beer'? Do you buy what's cheapest, go by the ads, or do you have a favorite few because you like how those ones taste?

    For some there is most certainly a flavor difference between Grey Goose (or "higher end" yet brands I don't personally know), and say, Smirnoff.

    My point of agreeance however - is that its not that Grey Goose need be the one chosen due to price or projection of sophistication in GG marketing... and your pretentious little club goers drinking Sex-on-the-Beach til 3am are, likely sadly doing just that.

  3. I'd really hoped to read a further comment / response from you here Charlie...

  4. Charlie is a name for others, but not to me. I have never and will never reply to the name Charlie because it simply is not my name...


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