Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Mother's Love

There's no replacement.

I figured that in nature that there is nothing more protective than a mother's love to her young. If you were to look at any animal, they are ferocious at protecting their babies, and humans are no exception.

I think that there must be something inside a woman that enables them to love more completely than her male counterpart. We just don't have the same feeling of love that women do. I think it starts from carrying the baby to term. Women get so excited about the baby kicking and it never stops from there. The woman says, "look Honey, the baby's kicking me, did you see that?" and the guy responds back by glancing away from the TV for a brief second to acknowledge it so as to not hurt her feelings and says, "thats nice honey"

Then it really takes off from there.

When the baby arrives, it’s amazing how women can function with such (little) interrupted sleep. They get cranky and frustrated, but overall, they have a reason why they are doing this and how their body and mind is paying for it. In fact, they often do this process many more times!! It’s almost like God himself has wiped the painful memories of Childbirth, labour, sleepless nights, back pain, and all the other shitty things that go with pregnancy and tricked you into doing it again.

When it comes to bringing that child up, women just have so much more interest and drive than we do. I think when a man goes to work for an 8 hour day that he is actually going off with a smile on his face for his 8 hour vacation. Taking care of babies is HARD work.

The best way I can describe it is by being in Germany. You see the same German cars that we have here in Canada or the US, but they just go so much faster on their autobahns there. It's because they are geared differently over there for better performance.

So I guess for now, I will just be resigned to being a lowly North American car and understand that I never had the gearing to compete with the love of a mother and love as good as this old boy can in his own special way.

But it really makes me admire women in an unparalleled way. -Especially those single mom's. I take my hat off to you and your everyday struggles and commend you for loving someone more than yourself so routinely. I think a man would almost expect a standing ovation for the same feat, but women just do it because "it needed to get done"

But overall, I never saw the love my mother had for me as being what I see it is now growing up having my own baby. My mother never said "Just wait till you have children of your own" to me. But I can see it now. I see all the things my mother went through in my life. -The things that she sacrificed and never mentioned; the hopes of having a life for her herself and resigning herself to caring after 2 young babies at such a young age. I don't see many people being able to manage that these days.

I look at my mother much differently now than I did when I was younger. I have much more respect for what she did for me and my brother and I am a little ashamed that it's taken me this long to realize it. But now, she is a grandmother and as we all know, grandmothers are a better kind of mothers. -If that is even possible.

So, if you are so inclined, go tell your mother today how much you love her and thank her for a lifetime of loving you unconditionally. As only a mother can...

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