Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He's just NOT that into you...

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

I've never seen a movie where I was outted that I enjoyed so much. This movie took every male secret and exposed SO much of male dating behaviour that I wondered how there wasn't a disclaimer starting the movie to warn men watching this movie with "significant other" that there are portions of this movie that will result in grunting, uncomfortableness and shortness of breath from hiding under your jacket.

The thing is, it goes both ways in the movie. Watching it, I’m wondering if people actually "get it." I mean, I wonder if women watching a girl go squirrly that a guy isn’t calling her and she’s stalking him is off-side. I mean, we've all done it...right? I wonder if we all see that this person could've been us for a brief moment and try and justify it as being the other person's fault because "he/she did this to me"

When emotions get denied and you combine that with ego being bruised, what you got here is a good old fashioned stalker. Fatal Attraction really made it fashionable and cool. We all thought Glenn Close was so hot (even though she was really NOT hot and they could've picked a million hotter chicks to play that role) and then went she went spastic fantastic, we were all like, "Damn...she’s crazy" But it was the guy's fault for making her go crazy though, right?

Well, there is the scene in "He's just not that into you" where Scarlett Johansson’s character gets her ego bruised and she flip flops back to a guy that she doesn’t find remotely attractive, but gives her the attention that her ego needs to recover. She uses him, and then when she’s strong enough again, she moves back to her bad boy.

Repeat Process over and over...

I think that through all the good and bad of this movie, I think it depicted both the male and female sides well. This isn't a movie about men vs. women with the men trying to equal the score, but a great example of many different examples of how love makes us do some pretty shitty stuff.

The problem is, through all the logical stuff that our heads tell us, they betray our gut feeling and we, as humans are always in a constant battle between head and gut. We don't know why we don’t find someone attractive when we should (on paper) and why someone treats us like shit, and yet it makes our day when you get an email, text or phone call from them. Friends have to listen to us bitch about this which makes them want to hang themselves. You could buy a dog which could listen and give you the advice you're not going to take from us just the same as a dog could do. So why do WE have to suffer?

You know why?

I'll tell you.


We live for it; that excitement is like a rare drug that we can't score from the 'hood. They haven't found a way to bottle it, but if they could, someone would be filthy rich with what we would pay to have that all the time.

Yep, we all love the excitement. If we didn't have it, our body’s wouldn’t fill our brains with pheromones that make us crazy against the power of logic. That's why the saying of the "Nice guy finishes last" makes sense. It goes against all logic, but it makes perfect sense. The bad boy always gets the call.

Eventually, our bodies calm down and stop betraying us and then logic kicks in. Phew!! Thank God, I am exhausted. That ride is better off for someone much younger than me. I really wished I would've understood the laws of attraction when I was younger. As awkward and clueless as I was, I don’t think it would've helped me, but maybe it would've allowed me to be a great writer on the subject for the people who wouldn't listen of why they're not that into you...

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