Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Did we REALLY land on the Moon?

Did we really land on the Moon?

I was really surprised to hear that there were people out there that don’t think that the Lunar Landings of the Apollo Program actually took place. Call me sheltered, but I thought everyone was on board with this one. In fact, I even posted blogs making fun of the people who didn’t think the landings happened.

Until today…

I’ve always been a black and white sorta guy. I’ve actually had to add a lot of grey area to my life to make me a little less annoying. To me, I thought it was weak character to say the words, “I don’t know” I don’t know why, because I’m not an Engineer or logical minded person who needs to know the answers to how things work. I’m kind of a “close enough” person.

But this topic of telling me that the lunar landings never happened hits me right to the core. It’s been taught to every person in school for over 40 years. The whole world would be duped if it were true, and it would be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest hoaxes of all time. So serious would this hoax be, that I don’t think the American public would ever forgive its government for such a lie. In fact, I would almost compare the act of this as the Nazi government betraying its people of Germany for the acts it committed against the Jews in World War 2.

But in thinking about this, I started to wonder about the other great hoaxes. The Bigfoot Story, and Loch Ness Monster, are the smaller ones. The JFK assassination is one that is finally about to be put to rest over the upcoming years, and it will be exposed that the American government lied to the public about the murder of its leader. Could it be possible that the American government has been lying on a massive level to its people for over a century? We haven’t even mentioned Area 51 and its possible connection to this mess, but you would just have to know that its connected in some way.

But getting to my point, I can’t help but think that it IS possible that the Americans faked the lunar landings to save face that they beat the Soviets to the moon. To make a promise from an assassinated charismatic leader come true 6 months before its stated deadline.

But to tell you the truth, whether they actually landed on the moon or not, will not change my life. It won’t pay my bills if they did, or they didn’t land on the moon. It won’t change the look of the full moon at night when I stare up at it. It won’t make it less mysterious or less beautiful to me.

But knowing the fact that it didn’t happen will add yet more grey area to my life and keep me guessing. And I think we all need more grey area to our lives. I think that you should actually have one of these every once in a while to get you to think and study the reasons why you believe what you believe.

Sure, it sucks to be lied to, or to be told what you’ve learned could be a lie. But in the end, I kind of like the fact that my world has more in it than it did this morning when I woke up…

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