Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Bachelor Brad Womack

So he's back!!

After 3 long years of intense therapy (and he's not afraid to admit he went through therapy) Brad Womack is back on The Bachelor.

Is he "fixed" now?

Well, there were 30 women that got that surprise last night when they found out that Brad Womack was their Bachelor, and they all were making sure that he wasn't going to leave them at the altar in the first 10 minutes of meeting him. -How crazy is that? Without even knowing if he has any attraction to them, or them to him, all these women want to know what his intentions are... in 6 weeks...

I find that absolutely hilarious.

I think if I was Brad, I would say, "all I can say is that if you are the best candidate for the job, you'll get the job offer"

The one thing that amazes me is that all these women are upset that in his season on The Bachelor, he never picked one of the 2 women at the end of the season. I mean, I don't think that he SHOULD have picked a fiancee if he didn't find a woman that he thought he could be happy with. Doesn't that make sense? I think he should get a big pat on the back for not selling out on National TV if he didn't find "genuine" love...

Doesn't everyone feel this way?!

I think it would be worse if he got engaged to either woman on the show, and then tried to fake it for the next few months only to break her heart months later rather than not get engaged in the first place. Right? I don't understand why these women are upset that he never chose either woman? If either woman was right for him, I'm pretty sure he would've chosen one. -Guys are pretty territorial that way. I mean, why do you think men spend "2 months salary" to put a diamond on your finger? -Do you think we like throwing away a few thousand dollars on something that brings us no value?

Of course not!! We put that ring on your finger the same way a dog marks his territory... A little more romantic to you, but it's the same thing. He would want to take her "off the market" if he felt that way, but instead, he felt nothing, so he let them go. -How noble...

The other thing I love is when all the women who weren't chosen are walking off the show crying... I mean, do you cry when you go to a bar and meet a guy and he doesn't choose you after a couple hours? Isn't that the same thing? Sure, you travelled a little farther for it, but in the end you knew that it was you and 29 other women so you can't really think that you were standing in good odds, right? I can only think that they are crying NOT because they are upset at not finding love, but because their feelings are hurt that they weren't deemed attractive by someone they did not know at all...

Well, I can't say that I'm going to be surprised about the behaviour I'm about to see in the upcoming weeks because I know that it's all in the name of entertainment. These people are not the sharpest tools in the shed and it shows.

But just for once, wouldn't it be nice to see an intelligent group of people falling in love without all the toys of mansions, helicopters, exotic get-aways, and big diamond rings? Hmmmmmmm, that sounds a little bit like REAL LIFE to me. I guess that's why it won't happen. Too many people are living that dream of real life, and they all want an escape from their own reality TV show...

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