Friday, January 14, 2011

Dreams and my Ego

So I woke up this morning with a dream that I was in the Olympic 100 Metre final and I had placed 3rd for the Bronze medal.

Now this in itself, would be a DREAM, right? For anyone else but me, yes... But obviously if you are reading this, you know that I am NOT somebody else and I'm a bit different from reality. So here's my twist...

I used to sprint in the 100 and 200 metres dashes. I used to actually train quite hard in my teens for these races, and in my day, I ran some pretty fast times. I ran a wind aided 10.6 and an electronic 10.85 which is pretty fly for a white guy...

So when I wake up this morning, you would think that winning a Bronze Medal at the OLYMPICS would be pretty 'effing fantastic, wouldn't it? -Yeah, for anyone else but me, I guess.

The thing is, in this dream, I lost to my brother (who was never quite as fast as me at the 100 and 200) by 1 100'th of a second to finish with the Bronze, while he won the Silver. (Which really makes no sense that 2 white guys are in a 100 metre final anyway...) So I woke up completely pissed off that I lost to my brother and that I lost by the narrowest of margins. Instead of being happy that I was a Bronze medalist, even in my dreams, my ego was not satisfied with this!! How bloody ego-centric am I?! (don't answer that, it was a rhetorical question)

So when I was getting my morning coffee and I realized that I was NOT an Olympic bronze medalist, I began to feel worse that I thought I would even be in that race in the first place. Realistically, I should've woke up with my hands in the air and strutted around my house waiting for someone to BRING me coffee because I was the Bronze Medalist and my country would LOVE me!! But, that thought never even occurred to me because I had lost to my brother at the tape.

"I should've leaned in more at the tape" I thought


Are you kidding me? Just who do I think I am? I haven't ran a 100 metre race in 20 years, and I am about 30 lbs heavier now than on that day I last ran, and somehow I think that I should be better than this?

Now, I will tell you that your morning is much better knowing that you do not suffer from Chuck Bastie Disease -brought on my delirium onset, followed by ego-centric tendencies of thinking that you are good at something, when in reality you suck at just about everything...

So enjoy your day celebrating the fact that you are not me...;)


  1. Gawd I love you Chuck!

  2. Gawd, get over yourself. Get out of your own head for just a minute! Go do something real today. Preferably something nice for someone else. This just might bring you some sort of happiness that you haven't discovered yet, but at the very least force you to think about anything other than yourself? As all around you your peers are busy battling disease, poverty, and trying to help or make a difference in the lives of people with real mental anxieties, I wake up to your post and read it? There's 20 seconds I can't get back.

  3. Get over myself? Am I new to you? lol
    If you are on my blogsite, you shouldn't expect anything different. In fact, if you read ANY of my posts from December, you will get what you want from the looks of your comment. This was a humourous post, I do do those from time to time ;)
    Stop being a hater, there is 5 seconds in reading your reply I won't miss...


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