Thursday, January 13, 2011

My New Blogsite

Hi Friends,

I call you friends, because I do have a small, but very loyal following of those of you who actually regularly read my blogs. I love the fact that I can write something that seems to be my intimate thoughts, and express myself and people share an interest in what I have to say, or more importantly, HOW I say it...

I have changed the format of my blog site a little bit. (Thanks to the magical Brent Kearns!) Up until now, I was very amateur about blogging, and it was just more of a past time. Now, I have realized that I really enjoy it, and it makes it SO much easier when people like you read and comment on each of my posts. Sending me emails, commenting, and giving me feedback really does keep me going. In many cases, blogging is like being a stand up comedian without an audience. It's a really tough crowd out there, especially when you get no feedback. So, when you comment and leave me feedback, it really encourages me. So thanks for that, and keep it coming!!

I have a couple of favours that I would ask...

I am planning on adding more links to what I think are valuable sites to help others as well. I would ask that if you like my blogs and thoughts, that you please forward them on to your friends, or feel free to re-post it to your facebook for others to share in. There is no greater compliment to a writer, than to have somebody post your work for others to see. This creates more traffic for me, and it really shows in my blogs when they hit the internet.

Please become a "Follower" of mine. It's free and you just go to the right side of the site, and sign up. This will send you a notification whenever I post a blog and you will get it immediately.
Also, if you are on my site, please click on some of my google ads if they interest you. This is NOT going to make me rich, but I would like to see what type of volume that this would increase for my site.

I would like to thank a few people for reading, and commenting. I will of course miss out on naming a lot of people, but it seems like these people I am about to name really like my blogs and constantly leave me feedback. So thanks go out to my family, and: Irene and Diane, Janet, Kareena, Mark, Anita, Glen, Heather, Pavanne, Dave, Julie, Faye, Big JDP! Kira, Mark O, Zuzana, Roops, Rocco, Des, and most importantly, my super fan, Krista.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to share it with me in thought!!

Chuck and Pal

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