Monday, January 31, 2011

A Lift in Life When You Need it Most.

A friend once told me...

Whenever I am feeling down, I get a totally unexpected boost from a friend or an acquaintance, and  I can only interpret this as God looking out for me...

I thought to myself, how many times has this happened to me? It seems that I am a fortunate man that great people come into my life, and leave me with great memories that just keep on giving. These memories are stored in a wonderful computer in my brain, and small things like songs, places, pictures will ignite them once more to burn in my head and re-create great memories. And as great as those memories were, creating them was even better.

If I think about it, these people and memories that lift me when I am feeling down are moments that make such a huge difference in my life. I realize that I need these people and these moments in my life just as much as they may need me. They provide solace when I need it, and all I have to do is remember a better time and a better place surrounded by these friends, and I break the negative state that I am stuck in.

I have found that life moves so quickly, even when you think it is moving slowly. It may not seem like it at the time, but when you look back at it in hindsight, time flew by and it seems like you were standing still. That's why it's important to create these memories, and to help create them for other people.

And there will be days when I won't want to be happy. But on those days, its nice to know that I have the option, and that I have surrounded myself with good people that will always tell me that it's going to be alright. -And it always does seem to work out that way. But on those days, it really does make a difference to know that you are loved, as much as you love...

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