Monday, September 27, 2010

Greater love hath no man than this; that you would lay your life down for another.

If you started to read this before watching the video, you must stop now and watch it.

Every time I see another act of cowardice, maliciousness or contempt towards another human, I ask "Why?" The one word "Why?" really does, for a one word question, create a lifetime of uncertainty. It's such a powerful word that usually offers very little in terms of understanding or logic because usually in such cases, there is such little logic to go on.

That is, until I watched this tragic video.

Just when you think that love is dead, and that there are so many selfish people out there, a story of complete love enters the picture and gives you hope again. At the same time, you look and feel terrible for the people involved, but you think to yourself, "Wow. What an act of courage" and you can't help but admire a person that you never knew existed until today.

I have been in a couple of car accidents where I felt that there was nothing else to do but watch those final inevitable moments, which take mere seconds, yet you just know the outcome will not be favourable. You just wince, or make a funny face and wait for it to happen, completely helpless and hoping for mercy.

Once, I was in a flat spin on a wintery 2 lane highway heading into oncoming traffic and I just put my head down and thought "I'm sorry for everything I've ever done wrong to anyone" and waited to die. It's kind of amazing how I can remember this. I remember the feeling of complete calm coming over me as I just accepted it, and when the impact didn't come, and I realized that had escaped by the narrowest of margins, I broke down in sobbing tears knowing that I was still alive. Go figure, I was calm with dying, and when I lived, I was a sobbing mess...

But not this man...

This man saw what was about to happen and realized that he needed to put as much space between that oncoming SUV and his wife and unborn child, even if that meant that he occupied that space. In a split second where you don't have time to think, only react, this man's moral upbringing and character made that decision for him when it was not logical for his brain to do so.

He died, so that his wife and unborn child might live.

This is the story of what heros are made up of.

In a world that greatly exaggerates the word "Hero", it couldn't be used with any more meaning than to describe you Brian Wood; God rest your soul...

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