Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Note to Self...

Dear Chuck,

This is Chuck. It's been a while since I've written to you to tell you how cool it is to be Chuck Bastie again these days. I'm not gonna sugar coat it, you were pretty miserable to be with back in the Winter, but in the last few months, I can say that I see you have gotten your swagger back and dammit, you are starting to be one sexy bitch again!!

Let's call a spade a spade here, and not apologize that it's black... -You are not an easy person to be, nor are you a person to be stomached by the faint of heart. The good news is that you are not an asshole, BUT you are pretty eccentric in your own way. This works both for and against you, and I think we both know it.

The positives: Your head of hair will certainly never fall out and you have no back hair. I personally like the idea of you growing your hair for another year without cutting it. That mop of curls could withstand a small nuclear fall out, and the closer you look to Scott Hartnell of the Flyers only adds free drinks to the mix when we are in Atlantic City.

The book writing is back on track, and although the process of writing it is more than we thought, you are suffering it out like the trooper we both knew you could be. This should be a kick ass idea, and if the writing doesn't totally suck, we could add "Author" to your list of accomplishments (and this would bring the total to: 1 at the moment)

Your ass is still stopping traffic. Good on ya. Even I can't keep my hands off it...

You are still a kick-ass goalie in hockey and that matters, it really does. Especially when you win Co-MVP of the over 35, non-contact, Tuesday night, non-smoking, Irish-Catholic hockey league in the rural 905 area code. -That matters!!

The bad stuff can go on and on, but I will say that it's come to me on good authority that the populace wants the bod to come back. No excuses!! Get your ass to a gym and get back to lookin' sweet!! If I hear "Freefallin" on the radio, I should be thinking of you and nobody else while I rock my head back and forth with one hand on the wheel thinking that YOU are the coolest. Let's get back there so I can do this and not cheat on you by thinking of someone else...Don't make me think of Brad Pitt again please...

It's fall, and this is our favourite season. We have some great road trips planned, and our Ohio State Buckeyes are looking to have another great season. Let's get out there, and let's get back to those Wedding Crasher Days and keep our eye on the big picture.

Oh, and Chuck? Can we pass more mirror stores in the future? We still enjoy the look of you, big guy (wink and point finger as if you are shooting a gun. Pow.)


Now go out there and get mean!!



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