Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Random Killing by a Man of the Cloth

Imagine that you are out for a walk by yourself in broad daylight. You are a 14 year old girl who excels in music, are an avid church goer, and you have the whole world in front of you. Suddenly, you are attacked by a random stranger out of the blue, choked, stabbed and have your throat slit before succumbing to your wounds.

Your name is Emily Stauffer, and you are the victim of a random killing.

All of this at the hands of a man who is a volunteer preacher; and here's the kicker... He has NO IDEA why he killed this 14 year old girl. -He did not know her, had never seen her, and had no motive to murder her.

Yet, something snapped inside of this man as he was carrying around a world full of bottled up anger, and when he struck out his frustration, a 14 year old girl paid the price for his mental illness.

Well this man's name is Ross Kleman. He was sentenced to Life in Prison with no chance for parole for 18 years, and he still maintains through his lawyer that he had no idea why he killed this 14 year old girl.

Now, if I am the parents of the late Emily Stauffer, I will spend the rest of my life wondering how a man like this was walking on the same streets that mentally stable people walk. How does someone like this elude the system and avoid being caught by the authorities? Surely there must be someone reading this newspaper article that knew Ross Kleman, and isn't one bit surprised that he did this. His wife perhaps? Someone in his Church? Surely someone must've thought that he "wasn't all there" and wondered if he would be a danger to society, family or himself? No?

But Chuck, he is a volunteer preacher!! He lists his favourite book as being The Bible on facebook in his profile and also lists that going to church is one of his favourite past times. -Oh yeah, a man of the cloth could never do something like that, right?

Wrong. And my guess is that it happens more than you would like to know.

The other disturbing part of all of this, is that this same man also pleaded guilty in April, to 2 counts of touching a 5 year old in a sexual manner in 2008.

How sick...I want to puke.

Now, how am I to look at this and think that for the next 18 years, we as a band of Canadian taxpayers are footing the bill to keep this man locked away so that he can never snuff out another life like this again, or diddle little kids? How do you keep a man who obviously is mentally ill like this?

So I ask you, is it possible to fix a damaged toy like this man, and do you think it is worth the 2 million dollars that we are now going to pay to try to "fix" him and others like him.

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  1. With respect to fixing such a person is to me highly unlikely.

    Locking him up monitoring and even behavior modification perhaps the only alternative, even though it's the price our society pays for being civil and democratic.

    Given the other alternative which would be an imposed death sentence. Who are we to decide if someone should die. In many ways, this would only be an act vengeance and sick.. We don't want to turn around and act like him.


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