Wednesday, November 4, 2009

25 Random things about Me

1) I've written 2 of these things on my notes BEFORE this chain letter came out, but now that every one's doing it, I guess it will get noticed this time.

2) I believe that a missed opportunity is not missed at all, but a gateway to a new avenue that we wouldn't have driven down which opens your life up to other special moments that you would've missed otherwise. I've met too many countless great people in my life because of this brilliant phenomena.

3) My brother and I are 10 months apart. Had we been born less than a month back each, we would've been born in the same year.

4) Having a baby is something I will never ever truly deserve. I have never done anything in my life equivalent to the gift of me receiving a healthy baby. I will forever be in debt to repay this beautiful gift of love.

5) With that being said, WHO THE HELL CLEARED ME TO HAVE A BABY? what was this committee thinking?!?!

6) I have had to add A LOT of grey area to my life in the past 10 years because I was too black and white on too many important issues. I think Pavanne first made me see this and I am thankful to her for it...

7) I am a total bully on the road and I hate almost every driver because they can't drive as well as I do. I really have to work on this, because I cant drive and not bitch at all the losers around me. I need help!

8) I have discovered with facebook that I really love to write and I would love to do more of it and actually get off my ass and write that movie in my head.

9) I have a love affair with the sport of hockey. The equipment, the smell, the backyard rink and the elite level it can be played at.

10) I once got drunk and got into a fight on a streetcar. I beat this guy up pretty badly with a host of levelling lefts and rights. Then the police came and interviewed everyone and it came back that I not only DIDN'T look like Rocky in beating this guy up, but that in fact, I dog-paddled and bitch slapped him into submission all the while screaming "please don't hurt me, please don't hit my pretty face" The policeman asked me again if that was true and in a moment of clarity, I said, "Yeah, pretty much" but the cop bought me a hot dog that was lost in the skirmish and gave me a ride home...

11) I thought it was really cool to pull a wheelie on ice with my BMX bike trying to impress a girl in the schoolyard when I was 10. I slipped and fell back landing on my head and the girl never noticed it. She was 10 but she was built like 11, and I thought about doing it again so this time she would see. But then I passed out...

12) My dog's name is Pal, and I have loved her from the first time I set eyes on her. She is my soul mate.

13) I once surfed on top of a bus while it was going 60 kms an hour with Rick Ewart. Looking back at it, it was pretty stupid and we almost fell off. But we'd probably do it again if someone dared us to... Boys are stupid.

14) Apparently, I am a closet Gwen Stefani fan.

15) Many people think I'm gay, but not because I am a closet Gwen Stefani fan.

16) I have been to 32 different countries and Sweden is by far my favourite. There are great things about all of these places, but Sweden just seems to be the place I always return to.

17) I stopped Mike Gartner (Hall of Fame hockey player) on 2 breakaways in a single game. But he beat me for the game winner later on.

18) I played the best hockey game of my life in Cobourg on March 16, 2008. We lost 2-1, but I will never play a better game than that one.

19) I suck at Math, Science and it takes me a long time to process information like murder movies. My brain just doesn't seem to work like that.

20) My brain DOES seem to work at remembering weird things, small and obscure and I am the KING heavyweight champion of useless information.

21) I love my freedom, and I love being a Canadian. Wouldn't change it for any country in the world.

22) I don't understand why some black people WANT to sound like illiterate morons when they talk by using words that don't exist like Chu (you) Axe (Ask) not'in (nothing) you know what I'm saying? They can speak in full sentences, but actually WANT to sound like they are reading and writing at a grade 3 level.

23) Sometimes I think that I am normal but then I go and do something stupid that nobody would ever think of doing. Then I repeat this process again and again. It's been going on for almost 37 years.

24) I am the typical dreamer Pieces and it is scary about how much I resemble what is written about the Dreamer Pieces is really me.

25) I can't wait to be the world's greatest father...

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