Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nobody reads my notes...

I know why....

It's because I am a hot piece of ass, and everyone wants to see me in action, pictures and all. I look hot in a Mullet, bad clothes, uncompromising pictures of me sleeping, a cannon between my legs, playing hockey, travelling, ect.

I can't help the fact that I'm packing serious heat in this 5"8 frame that makes JT jealous but....I can write too. But is nobody interested in that because its boring?...but I'm not a boring guy.

So tell me why nobody reads my notes? They are funny, serious, true and entertaining. I want to be taken seriously and not just the sex symbol that you all have come to know!!

So stop perving at my ass, and read my notes and then leave a comment.

Just like orgasms, comments are free...


  1. in the words of the great Rod Tidwell: "Boo fkng hoo"

    dunno guy...for me, i want to know what the story is before i iclick...all i ever see is Welcome to my rants and raving're not suppose to tell people you're on a soapbox
    markus aurelius

  2. Bad day, Chuckie?? Well to make you feel better, I will leave my comments here AND on the FB. That way you'll get double Zs. By now it should have occured to you, that all the great writers struggle in the beginning and some are only understood after their death (sorry, hoping that's not it in your case, just wanted to give you heads up). Keep them coming, I enjoy reading your blogs and many times you have put a spin on things that has made me stop and think. Thank you for writing :)

  3. I still think Chucks Massive Cannon is the best album ever...lmao

  4. i hope your girlfriend thinks your'e hot....i happen to really enjoy your helps me unwind after a long day.....

  5. you should congratulate yourself that you are doing so much writing...
    how do you know nobody reads your blog?
    it's possible that because you talk about anything under the sun, people don't always know what their getting, and that could be a problem... unlike say a blog on sports that people read because they know they will get insightful commentary on sports... for some reason, people liked focussed blogs... also, it can't be too long...
    hope this helps.

  6. I am glad you addressed this Chuck. You are a sexy beast and people feel intimidated you have the full package!

    Keep it up buddy, you are a daily reader for me and I always look forward to your tidbits wether serious or not.

  7. I read your blogs fairly often... have even commented a few times. I check in every week or two and catch up on the topics that interest me - whether I agree or disagree with your points.
    I for one, don't always have the time to comment even when I'd like to...

    Some people also just - what's the term - 'lurk'?

    Yet others appreciate responses to their comments when they do post them... or they stop posting. Gentle nudge. ;)


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