Monday, November 16, 2009

Things you never knew about me... Part Deux...

I got into my first hockey fight 2 years ago. Chuck 1, rag doll loser opponent, 0.

I pulled a catwalk (wheelie) on my BMX bike the length of 4 telephone poles in 1982.

A motorbike threw me off it in 1998, and I felt really tough looking at it from the ground. Then the pain kicked in and I didn't feel so tough. I felt even worse when I saw my friends rolling around on the ground laughing at what they just saw.

Ronald Reagan sent me 3 autographed pictures in 1989.

I still love Wham! and sport double earrings in support of them getting back together.

I'm really starting to like soccer.

Hockey will always be my passion.

I love Boobs. I know I said this last time, but I really like them this much...

Kate Gosselin is a loser. That has nothing to do with anything, but I just really wanted to say it.

Sweden is my favourite country to visit.

The rock of Gibraltar is my favourite one place to visit.

I think Italian men who don't speak Italian shouldn't speak with an Italian accent.

I love the Beatles, and know everything about them.

I ran a 10.85 100 metre dash and a wind aided 10.60 in 1990.

I threw my tennis racquet in rage against a fence once and it came back and smoked me for 4 stitches above my eye. And boy did I feel really stupid.

I still want Sarah McLachlan to be my best friend...

I grew up mostly in Brampton, and I'm not happy about it

I play in a nudist volleyball tournament every year, and have been champion 5 times.

I love winter.

Peter Pan is my favourite children's story.

Sometimes I don't feel like being funny. Other times I go too far. I'm very dramatic that way.

I love Poppies.

I think every boy should grow up with a paper route and a dog.

I like to think that when I go to bed, I'm still being tucked in by my parents and that I will always feel that secure.

I love random thoughts...

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