Saturday, November 28, 2009

Love Actually...

I LOVE this movie. I think it could very well be the finest contemporary Christmas movie of our generation. I think it covers all the great loves in life. Friendships, Lovers, Father-son, New Loves, First Loves, Taboo Love, Aspiring Love and just simple love.

I love the opening scene where they are showing people at Heathrow airport greeting each other. You will never see such joy and love in such abundance as you will people watching at an airport. There are so many great scenes in this movie, but this is my favourite feel good and the message Hugh Grant says hits the nail on the head.

I watch this movie only once a year with my 2 best friends and we celebrate each other, all that we have been through as friends. It means the world to me to have these 2 friends, and I am truly thankful to have them in my life.

I think however, that Christmas is also a tough season. There are people out there who have had terrible years. With the economy being as bad as it is, there may be tough times for some, and others have lost loved ones this year. This is the toughest time of the year to be cheery when missing someone you have loved so dearly. The fallen Soldiers' families are going to have a tough Xmas. I feel for them, and anyone else who has just lost someone dear.

When everyone around you is celebrating, take a moment to remember someone you know that might not be having such a great time at Xmas. The time it will take you to reach out and let them know that you are thinking about them and remembering all that they are feeling is going to mean more to them than you will ever know; even if they don't show it on the outside.

When we look at the passing year, it may not have been the greatest year. -Certainly there were better. But as I think about mine, I can't help but smile. I have not won the lottery and I've made much more money in previous years, but somehow, I think I'm the happiest at a time when I thought I wouldn't be.

I remember all my family and friends who have always been so good to me. -I have the greatest friends a man could ask for. I have a beautiful healthy baby and a partner who gave her life and both are healthy.

That in itself make this year majestic.

But I have met new people, loved and laughed like I didn't think possible. I have been a blessed man to have known so many people who have touched my life.

Yes, I could think of something I didn't get this year, or someone who pissed me off... But I think it would be so pointless to think in such a way. Not when so much has been given to a man, who once was a bitter boy.

Truly, love does conquer all...

Don't forget to remember those less fortunate. And I don't mean just monetarily. I mean emotionally...

Have a Very Happy Holiday Season my friends!!

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  1. Definitely a time to reflect and think of all our blessings...and to be there for others who need it.


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