Sunday, November 22, 2009

JFK Assassination

November 22, 1963...

It is a moment that everyone alive at the time can remember with surprising detail where they were when they heard the news that the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas on this day in 1963.
And despite it being the most powerful man in the world, the leader of the free world and the President of the most powerful nation in the world, it has been covered up and forgotten about for exactly 46 years today.
There have been murders and other capital crimes since that day that have received more attention and effort than the hapless effort put forth by the U.S. government to determine who killed JFK that day.

In fact the real truth, and not the bullshit that they have tried to pass off as the truth, has been covered up and won't officially be available until 2019. By this time, everyone involved with this coup d'etat will be dead, buried and absolved from their lies. Their conspiracy to mislead the world can be acknowledged and history can be re-written to include the truth for once.
So until then, this day will remain another black mark in the American and world history books to include one of the biggest lies and cover ups, and the willingness of their people to accept that lie.
What's really amazing to me is the amount of resources that the U.S. government can bring to bear on any investigation, say for example when they were trying to lynch Bill Clinton on a sex scandal. It's also amazing to me how the American people will get on board with something that the rest of the world looks on and accepts from it's own leaders, but it won't get behind something that altered its own history like the bold faced lies that the U.S. government deliberately told its citizens about how it's elected leader was taken from them without due process.

Land of the free? Bullshit.

You were delivered a government that lead you into Vietnam that killed generations of your young men, and even worse, you were not able to elect a new leader until 1968 when the runner up of the 1960 election, Richard Nixon was allowed to lead your country into yet another scandal.

What a dramatic turn of events...

To add serious insult to injury, when Nixon resigned to avoid being the first American President to be impeached in office, his replacement Gerald Ford stepped in to replace him. The ironic thing about this, is that Gerald Ford was on the Warren Commission which was charged with investigating the JFK assassination that sold the lies to the American people about what happened in Dallas on that day. Ford held office, and pardoned Nixon of all charges he was faced with in the Watergate Scandal that brought him down. As reward for this, he was not a candidate in the 1976 election that Jimmy Carter won.
How convenient...

These players were allowed to escape accountability for their roles in this heinous crime and live their lives in obscurity until their deaths.
So, when Kennedy won the 1960 election against the 2 term VP Nixon it was such an upset that it ruined the plans of the outgoing Eisenhower administration to wage their cold war against the Russian Bear. After Kennedy's assassination, their plan went back into plan for another 15 years. But by then, the damage was already done. The Vietnam War, the collapse of the U.S economy and upcoming recession.

So where am I going with this?

If you don't see the similarities between George W. Bush and Nixon, then let me help you. The fact that Bush won the closest election in American history (the previous closest being Kennedy and Nixon in 1960) and stealing another election away in 2004 to renew a war his father couldn't finish in Iraq, is eerily similar.

You see, Clinton was never supposed to win that election against George HW Bush, and Bush was going to head into the Persian Gulf to control the flow of oil for good. -He had a perfect reason as well. Iraq invaded Kuwait, and he was coming to the aid of a foreign nation being invaded by a ruthless dictator. It was a much better reason than the bombings on 9/11 that his son had to work with too, don't you think? -Get bombed by terrorists and then use it as an excuse to invade another nation in the quest to wage war with no really identifable enemy. -Let's call it a war on Terror...

The unforeseen fact that Ross Perot ran in that election as another Texan, only as an independent and split the right wing Republican vote thwarted another Bush term, and swung the vote and the election to the Democrats. Thus, prematurely ending the Republican reign just the same way Eisenhower tried to pass the torch to Nixon and Nixon lost to Kennedy.

Barack Obama is the new Kennedy, and if you think that history doesn't repeat itself again here, watch and learn.
Remember this day in history, and let's hope and pray that history doesn't repeat itself by creating this awareness. It's the first and most important way of avoiding the pitfalls of the past.

And Pass this on!!

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