Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things you never knew about me...

I was the Big Wheel champion of my block in 2 countries. Canada and US. Then the Green Machine came and ruined me.

I am a Rock Paper Scissors Lord.

Risk and Monopoly. -You don't stand a chance.

I got kneed in the balls by a chick and was laid out in the principals office for telling a Dale Hawerchuk fan that he sucked.

In fact, there were MANY occurances where a chick flat out pummelled me. To this day, Im still scared of the female gender.

I was the fastest white guy in my school years running. (then again I went to the school of the arts...)

My hero in High School was Alex P Keaton. Must've been cuz I was jealous of how tall he was.

I picked up a tranny with a friend (before finding out that she was a he) the good ol' fashioned way.

I've barefooted waterskiing and then wiped out and hit the water so hard that I've never wanted to do it ever again, and never have.

I have the funniest crazy story of a short white guy in Cuba and it includes Roosters. (Those of you who know this story please stop laughing...)

I ran with the Bulls in Pamplona.

I once dog paddled a guy on the street car at 3am because he hit the arm carrying my hot dog (which I hadn't even bitten yet) while screaming "please don't hurt me, please dont hurt my pretty face"I denied it until the police interviewed everyone on the trolly and it came back that I said it...

I was engaged 26 days after I had met my future wife for the first time and married 7 months later. And now that we are divorced, I would do it all over again.

I think the ceiling in the Sisteen Chapel is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

My middle name is Kennedy.

Camilla Scott was a cousin of mine through marriage.

I love Boobs!!

I have written songs and recorded them in a recording studio.

I was born without 5 permanent teeth.I have loved a person with all my heart and had it broken.
Have told only 4 girls in my life that I was romantically in love with them.

Just found out that I have a half-sister!!

I am a god in bed. (applause...)

I had a 36" vertical jump.

My beloved dog (Pal) is my soulmate.

I have the greatest friends a boy could have...

Am thankful for freedom we take for granted.

Have 3 tattoos.

7 concussions in my life.

And I love writing.

I need to do more of it.

Feel free to add to the list


  1. Love it. And love your attitude about life :)

  2. hey Chuck.....find your writing and thoughts intriguing..did I spell that right? Have you published any of your work?

  3. don't forget found naked against a tree with your balls shaved.. hahaha. that was you right??


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