Saturday, October 31, 2009

When October Goes...

I love Barry Manilow. I always have. He may look younger now than he did when he was in his 20's in the 70's with all the plastic surgery he has had, but I love his music.

I remember growing up and listening to Copacabana and then getting hooked on all of his other hits, and they are endless. But one in particular has stayed with me and that was the song called "When October Goes" It was an old poem that he had taken and put into a song and even to this day, on every Halloween, I listen to it as October runs into November.

The song goes like this:

And when October goes The snow begins to fly
Above the smokey roofs I watch the planes go by
The children running home Beneath a twilight sky
Oh, for the fun of them When I was one of them

And when October goes The same old dream appears
And you are in my arms To share the happy years
I turn my head away To hide the helpless tears
Oh how I hate to see October go

I should be over it now I know
It doesn't matter much How old I grow
I hate to see October go

Goodbye to the last October in the 2000's...

See you next year in a different decade!!

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