Saturday, October 17, 2009

My one night stand

I met this girl at a bar and she said something...I couldn't really hear her, it was loud and she was almost whispering. She looked like she was from Germany with the clothes she was wearing. I'm looking at this broad thinking that she's straight outta a fairytale.
So I started calling her princess and told her that I was her Prince Charming.WELL, that was the hook, line and sinker. I had this girl from that point on. No matter what I said, she was all over me!! Now, I know Im not the hottest guy out there, but she made me feel like I was the shit. The more I started referring to myself as Prince Charming, the more the look of love in her eyes grew.
So I figured, I may as well take this chick for a test run and take her back to my place. Well, this chick went crazy all over me all night. And it was ALL night...SO, I wake up in the morning and I roll over and she was gone. I got a picture of her before she took off her clothes, she was a bit hungry when I took it. All I had was fruit, so excuse the shot of her eating. If anyone knows this broad, call me. There isn't a girl around that truly loves a short guy like me like this woman did. I'm ruined now...

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