Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bad Drivers!!

To me, they come down to 2 types...

Hondas and Mini-Van drivers. And before I even HEAR somebody throw out the line that matches the Honda driver with Asians, NO. I don't care WHAT colour, race, or whatever you are. But I find Honda drivers the slowest, most cautious and scared shitless drivers on the road.

If you are driving a honda, I don't like you. Sure it's great on gas, but in the winter, it is a piece of shit, and you shouldn't be driving in it. You put other people's lives in danger on the road because you can't drive effectively in your econo-car. So although I adhear to your right to be on the road, do me a favour. Get the FUCK out of the passing lane. You are only in that lane to PASS.

Pass and get over.

Your inability to drive and know the rules of the road are mind boggling. So, although you are my public enemy, you are not public enemy #1. That someone is more stupid than you is absolutely amazing, but unfortunately there is one...

The MINI VAN driver.

I have a theory about this. Way back before mini-vans were the size of tanks, you learned to drive on a stickshift Honda and then you decided to pro-create and burden the world with moving to a mini-van. Even though it is too big for, you can't drive a small car let alone a tank with glass windows comprising 90% of the vehicle.

There should be another driver's test for Mini Vans nowadays. And they should have their own licence to keep just anyone from driving them. And the fact that there are prob'ley 9 kids in the van screaming and distracting the driver probably doesnt help. And mini-vans are horrible in winter as well. -All that weight and no 4 wheel drive with a horrible driver at the helm. I'm disgusted even thinking about it.

Wanna get me MORE disgusted?

Lets talk about headsets. The funny thing about headsets is that they are comfortable, easy to use, increase awareness, cause less accidents than using 50% of your available limbs to operate a vehicle. And yet NOBODY seems to want to use them. You can't tell me that it is because of the price because they are 25 bucks. I see these drivers in Benz's, BMW's, and other high prices cars and NO headset.

Those are DUMB drivers, and there is NO excuse for not having one. If you are in the dating world, and are using condoms, they are a hell of a lot more uncomfortable, and burdening than a headset is. -But guess what, you use them to protect yourself and others from preventable accidents. I can't understand how you you use condoms, which is the worst invention ever, but refuse to use a headset. And unless you are Peter North or Jenna Jameson, you drive much more than you have sex. So get with the tmes, and get a bloody headset. They should have to come with every car and cellphone which are sold to anyone these days.

End Rant

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