Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do stupid people KNOW that they are stupid?

Thats what I would like to know...

Forrest Gump did... He said, "I am not a smart man Jenny, but I know what love is." and then when he saw his son, he asked her "is he smart, or is he like...(me)"?

But people who consistenly do stupid things over and over again, blame others, think it's not them but the other person...do these people have the ability to realize that they are just the stupid person that we are all talking about?

I think that stupid people down deep inside KNOW that they are stupid or at least do stupid things. I think if you got them one on one and put them in isolation to actually think about it, I think that they would come to the conclusion that it isn't the people around them, it truly is themselves to blame.

They would then blame their parents, surroundings, ect for this and not take any accountability for this, which PROVES that they just dont get it. I think these people HAVE to create a different reality for themselves so that they at least carry some sort of self-worth, and don't become depressed about what a loser they really are. They almost HAVE to in order to function in life.

In many ways, it's like talking to a retarded kid who doesn't know that he's retarded... But at least the mentally handicapped have an excuse...But worse, in dealing with these stupid people, it makes for a very frustrating time.

Its like talking to a wall. Literally.

They willl never truly get it and realize that it IS them, and that they are wired incorrectly. This REALLY sucks when the person who are dealing with is in a position of power (say for example the former President of the USA), or to the kid who takes his ball and net home in a game of street hockey because he isn't getting his way. In business, we deal with these people ALL the time. What amazes me if how nice God must be to let miserable people like this exist. They can function with normal people, even though we all don't like them, and they might even serve an engineering or medical purpose that saves lives or serves some sort of purpose.

Hell, even ugly or dumb people still get laid...THAT is what a gracious God there is up there folks...So for now, I will just go on dealing with these losers and just start writing more notes about them.

But I would like to know if you think that these muppets in life actually think that they are the problem, or that they just dont get it...


  1. Hi Chuck! Over the years, after having dealt with some of these "stupid people" as you like to call them, I can tell you that I'm certain that some of these people really, truly believe that everyone else is the problem. There are people out there (and I know a couple of them quite well) who are just incapable of taking responsibility for almost anything that goes wrong. There is always someone else to blame. Just as an example, a wife who has an affair but blames her husband for not having enough "respect" for her (i.e. she didn't feel loved). Is this really all the husband's fault? Did he force her to cheat?

    Unfortunately, there will always be people like this out there and we just have to do the best we can to deal with it (or avoid them as I like to try to do).

  2. Are you still mad at me for taking my ball and net home? That was 30 years ago dude.

  3. lmao ..ryan
    just having a beer really enjoy your blog chuck...entertainment value ,totally makes my day!!

  4. HA! I know some of of these 'stupid people' and truly, I believe they are too stupid to realize they are stupid!


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