Friday, October 30, 2009

Celebrities and their whining...

I was watching the World Series preview on TV last night and I saw Pedro Martinez really complaining about how he might be the most hated man who ever walked into Yankee Stadium.


Well, let's see Pedro...You're walking into a stadium that is called the House that Ruth Built (the old stadium) so that means that Babe Ruth and dozens of Yankee greats entertained the home crowd for almost a hundred years. They have more championships than any franchise in the world, so that means that they are going to be passionate about their team.

In contrast, you played in a World Series for their sworn enemy, threw down their 70 year old Don Zimmer in a brawl, played for the cross town rival Mets, and I'm sure that there are a many other reasons that I am failing to mention. So, you would think that you would figure this out for yourself that the people of NY want your head now that you are in another World Series battle with them. I love it that he doesn't understand why the press called and dipicted him as a devil and he takes it personally.

Grow a set Pedro!!

They're trying to get your goat, and obviously you are demonstrating to them that they have won. You are from a poor Latin American country and you make millions playing a kids game. You probably have made more money in your career than your country (the Dominican Republic) has in GNP in any given year. Sure you can toss a ball really well at a white plate 66 feet away from a raised platform. Good for you, because if you couldn't do that, you would most likely be picking bananas in a field in your home country for 5 dollars a year. If it weren't for people hating you and knowing who you are, you would be a nobody that nobody cares about and then, you wouldn't be making the money you are making.

Choose which one you would rather have! Hmmmmm, that's what I thought.

It always amazes me that celebrities and athletes expect to make millions of dollars in the public eye, and STILL expect to still retain their privacy. I got news for you, if you are making that kind of money, it's the people who are most likely stalking you and taking interest in your pathetic lives that enables you to have the lavish liefstyle that you have!

If you are that dumb to think that you are being hard done by, let's start setting up contracts for those about to hit it big. Before you make all this money and have a lifestyle of the rich and famous, you must sign a waiver that you know that your privacy will never be the same and that you have to take it as a trade off with all the money you are now about to make. So that will take care of the bitching. Going into it, you should know the deal... But we all know that you would still sign...

People like Kate Gosselin don't understand that because the Papparazi outside her house taking pictures of her and her rug rat kids are paying for their lavish lifestyle that they never would've dreamed about 5 years ago. Would you rather try to manage your life with 8 kids and Jon still working as an IT professional full time and try to manage without the benefits that fame has given you? -Again, that's what I thought. Be thankful that there are losers out there who have no lives and want to watch yours, and give you millions in exchange for it.

And if you are completely stupid and do it to yourself like socialites like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Lindsay Lohan, I have no sympathy for you. You can't play the pussy card and complain about your woes, when you are using it to build your multi-million empire.

Yes, life is hard, but it seems to me that it makes it a lot easier to cope with when you can retreat to your Malibu Canyon estate and enjoy every choice that money can give you. -Just don't expect us to cry for you because you have every resource in the world and you have chosen poorly with them.

Because us "poor" people don't have that option...

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