Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bill Cosby on Michael Jackson

One of the funniest Bill Cosby lines I ever remember out of his many to choose from , comes from the Cosby Show.

His son, Theo wanted a "Gordon Gartrelle" designer shirt that cost about a hundred dollars. This is how I remember the conversation:

Theo: Dad, can I have a 100 dollars

Bill Cosby: Ok, son. I'll bite...What do you need this $100 for?
Theo: I need to buy a shirt.

BC: "A" shirt? Just one?

Theo: Yes, but its a really cool shirt Dad.

BC: Son, Im a Doctor. I don't have a $100 shirt! In fact, the only 14 year old black boy who should have a $100 shirt should be on stage... singing and dancing with his 4 other brothers.

God, Im still laughing about that...

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