Sunday, October 18, 2009

Distance and Matters of the Heart

I think distance is the hardest thing that separates the matters of the heart.

I think that the distance between someone you love can be measured in the longing and yearning you feel and the time that seems to stand still, and not the hours or money it would take to get you to your beloved.Whenever I travelled and I met the most amazing people I have, I feel a real connection to them that lasts long after the first glee runs away.

Some people might think that Im a bit of a weirdo that way, but the way I look at it is that good people are so hard to find that if I see something in someone I genuinely treasure, why wouldn't I put the effort into telling them that I value them as friends of the heart. I have many friends that travel and they meet these people and then move on and forget about them and the moments that they shared.

I just can't understand that....

I think that there are a lifetime of memories left with my newly found friends and many more brilliant moments yet to come. I gain so much energy from these relationships, and I would hope that they gain even a little bit from me.Saying goodbye to friends is always a real surreal experience. You never know when or if you will see them again. You never know what will change in the time you are apart. The dynamic changes, and it will never be the same. We age and priorities shift, and what was a great moment now becomes a memory that gets shifted behind reality. Sometimes, you never see them again and they are forever frozen in your mind in that moment and they don't age for the rest of time.

I have a hard time with that...I think about the person returning to my life and know its not possible sometimes, but I still love the idea of it. I think sending someone off should always be a special moment to remember, no matter how many times it happens. I lament watching the Tom Hanks movie "Cast Away for this very reason.

Because you just never know...

So I think whenever I'm saying goodbye, I will change the word to "Godspeed" Yes, it sounds military, but I like to think you are putting your faith in something bigger than you and trusting that the person you are sending off is cared for by something bigger than us. And it implies that your loved one is coming back to you someday. And I like the possibility of that so much more than simply saying "goodbye"...


  1. I think the same way you do Chuck and don't find it strange at all. Connections you make with ppl you meet affect you and change you, regardless of the time you have known them. I hold my friends close to my heart for this very reason.

  2. I also find I agree with you completely on this one.
    I'm a feeler, emotionally connected on deeper levels than most around me; but meeting those people that break through any barriers and exerience something right along side you, as part of you... it's special and a gift. They're people to keep, memories to not only treasure, but honour with revisits and efforts too. These are not the ones to wave a casual hand at and say goodbye to, but rather 'See you soon again'... even if reality sometimes prevents that. Believing it can happen though is part of honouring the experience and your time together. I believe in THAT.

  3. Chuck, that is so true.....good, honest, real people are really hard to find and we need to treasure those newfound relationships no matter where and when they happen. Sometimes we travel around the world to meet someone who changes our life forever, sometimes it happens in our own backyard.....Regardless, treasuring these relationships, being grateful that we had a chance to meet these people is what enriches our lives.....Makes us better human beings....


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