Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hump Day

It seems that people have a facination with Wednesdays, or "Hump" days.

Getting over the hump of the work week really seems to be the rallying point for all us labourers to the cause of making a living. Well, today there are many things that are points of interest in Hump Day...

It could be that you are a massive Michael Jackson fan and you have been anxiously awaiting the release of his movie that is in theatres today. I should think that the theatres will be packed on Hump Day the likes that we have never seen for a Wednesday. Michael may not be with us anymore, but there is little doubt that he can still pack a venue.

It could be that you are from NY and you have waited to see your beloved NY Yankees head to their first World Series since 2003. Or on the other side of the coin, you could be waiting patiently as a Phillies fan from the city of Brotherly Love to take down the hated Yankees.

You could be waiting for a cheque today, or waiting to finish off a big business deal that would certainly require a celebration, or getting a promotion or a raise or your year end review. Good luck with that!

It could be your birthday today!! Yay for birthdays! They really are so special. I think that birthdays are the one day in the entire year that are yours alone. Its such a special day no matter what age you are. If you are young, it is all about you. If you are older, the excitement lessens, but the people around you make you feel like King/Queen for a day. I don't care how old you are, the words "Happy Birthday" in any language is enough to put a smile on your face when they are talking to you.

But today could also be a day where you've lost someone dear, or the day you are saying goodbye for the final time to that person. There are never any words to describe this feeling and more than likely, your day will be filled with sorrow.

Maybe you are saying goodbye to a pet who has been a loyal and given you a decade of love and adoration. It doesn't seem that this should be a loss -I mean, they are not a person. It's just an animal, right? Well, if you think that, you've obviously never owned a dog or a cat that you've considered to be family. The one living creature who consistently greets you at the door with unconditional love no matter what has happened, either good or bad on that day. Saying goodbye to love like that is so tough because you know that it will never be replaced in the same way.

Or, you could be waiting 5 time zones away from one of your best friend's home. Waiting for news that would make you breathe a sigh of relief that her husband has beaten Cancer. -That one of the most beautiful people that you know gets a second chance, and that all the suffering to date is about to pay off with a negative scan. "Free of Cancer".

Now THAT would be a great hump day! It would come at a time where everyone was tired from battling and battling and now there is some hope. -And any kind of hope at this point would be appreciated. So I patiently wait for good news wondering what the world will look like in a matter of hours. I could re-read this post tomorrow and know all the answers and still feel the curiosity of what the next tomorrow will bring, but I'll worry about that another time.

Today, I'll spend my time on this Hump Day with all that it brings. So whether you are on the good side, or the bad side of this Hump Day, it is only 24 hours in total. So enjoy it to the fullest if you are having a great day, and know that this day and the feeling today will pass if it is a bad day.

And Henry and Pavanne, I'm thinking about the both of you and your fight. I hope that your Hump Day is exactly what you need to get over that hump that you've been fighting since Spring. And all of us from across the pond are thinking of you...

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  1. best of luck Henry and Pavanne....whom ever you are, hope you have the strength and luck you need go get over the "hump" Chuck was talking of luck ;)


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