Monday, October 19, 2009

Family Pictures...

I love old pictures.

Most especially, I like family pictures, and how you can always see what year it must've been taken in. We all get these pictures done and have absolutely NO idea when we are dressing up for this event that in just a few short years that we and others around us looking at the time piece will shake their head and say, "what were you doing wearing that?!"

Ties are a big indication of what era you THINK you are living in. The 70's put out some beauties. Wide, green of every shade, and short. Thin ties from the 60's make it look like you had a piece of thick rope hanging from your neck.Hair is another point of interest. Black hair in the 70's coined the phrase "Disco Bush" in all areas of bodily interest. But just once, the 2 come together, such as in this attached picture. They melt with each other so well.

I bet this guy never realized he wore that tie for absolutely no reason that day....

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