Thursday, October 29, 2009

Smoking...Do you really want to quit?

To tell you the truth, I can't believe that the smoking industry is still finding new victims to try their products...

If I was a salesman standing outside on a street and I was trying to sell these things, it would be a pretty hard existance. I mean, the yellow teeth and fingers are hard to deny. The bad breath and smell that encompasses you is pretty annoying. The looks that you get when your smoke goes in someone else's face is almost a death wish.

Of course, I haven't even really hit on the major factors like health studies. It is a fact that you are actually PAYING your own tax dwindled dollar to buy these cigarettes and shorten your life. It quite literally does suck the life right out of you.

If you have ever looked at the face of a Meth addict, it's pretty incredible. But only incredible that it does the damage to your face in only a fraction of the time that smoking does in your lifetime. You can pick out a smoker in a crowd just by the weathered skin they have. As vain as every person is about their appearance, I would think that this would be reason enough to quit.

But it isn't...

Ok, I could go on and on with lung statistics and cancer numbers but it wouldn't really make much of a difference because you've heard it all before. One could almost argue that smoking is just a way of playing Russian Roulette over a longer period of time before your time runs out. Everybody has heard this over and over again, but it still doesn't sink in.

Having had all 4 of my grandparents pass away from cancer and watching someone struggle to fight to take their very last breath as they literally suffocate to death is something that I will never forget. I wouldn't wish anyone to see that, especially from someone that they dearly cared for.

So what does it take to quit? They say that cigarette smoking is literally the toughest addiction to break. It's actually a 2 part process. You have to actually stop the smoking, and then you have to stop the patterns of smoking. It's all about breaking routines that we as people cling to as we get older.

It starts with the morning wake up cough, flem coming up and then clearing your throat with a tasty smoke. Yummy!! I'm so glad I don't get to wake up to that every morning... But throughout your morning, there is the newspaper and smoke, drive and smoke, smokebreak, coffee and smoke. Notice how there is an attachment to every single one? The one that defies me, is the smokebreak partner. You could actually HATE the person you go down for a smoke with, but as long as you don't have to sit outside and smoke alone, that's all that counts, right?

Well, if you REALLY want to stop smoking, it's a luckier day for you than it was for those trapped in the habit a generation ago. There are wonderful techniques that can help you break the habit. -AND if you are in Toronto area, I will do you one better...

The reasons are simple to quit. I need not go on about them. But if you really don't want to smoke anymore and you need help doing it, I'm going to take away that option for you. You're going to get the help in the form of laser treatment which will take away your urge to smoke. You will need to re-learn new habits to break the pattern of smoking, but this may be the help you need.

Click on this link and call Dr. Sasha Green and tell her that I sent you to get the friends and family rate to finally quit smoking today.

They are located in midtown Toronto on the Yonge St Subway line. Call them to start the process today.

416 924-0777.

Now you really don't have a reason to NOT quit. It's an easy decision, so make the right choice and kick that habit for good. Your family and friends will love you a lot longer for it!!

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