Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To the Boys...

To the Boys...

You cross into enemy territory not knowing if you will see your own soil which you are defending. When others cry that this is not a "noble" cause or war, you still go.

Your belief system doesn't need our approval for the cause in which you have been sent to go. People may or may not believe in what we are fighting for or against, but you are not deterred.

While others around you are pursuing a life of money and substance, you know that without you, their cause is impossible. Your call to defence enables every person in our country to pursue a dream. And even if you don't agree with that dream, you still defend the principle of what it stands for.

That's character...-To stand in front of somebody that you would spend a lifetime disagreeing with, only to make sure that they had the ability to have that choice.

Yours is a life that I will never understand, but a day such as this cannot sustain me from tendering to you the sentiment that you are my hero.

Far above any star, athlete or celebrity, you are the unknown person that forces together with like minded people to form a cause that defends that very thing that we use to live a life of choice. And you do this all under a cloud of anonymity, and are never recognized for it. -And this will never change, but you know this already.

You are so much stronger than me, and although I will be one of the few to admit this, you don't need to hear it to be convinced in what you are doing wherever the call of service takes you.

I pray for your family and friends that you hold dear. If anything should happen to you defending our freedom, the price of that shall be remembered at the cost of your mortality. We as a nation of Canadians will always show up on this day to remember the countless men and women who contributed to a cause greater than themselves.

So until you are home, God Speed for a safe and well deserved homecoming

Lest We Forget...

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