Monday, December 7, 2009

The 2000's


We only have 24 more days left in the 2000's. It seems that Father Time has been doing his job of ticking away and soon, this decade will pass into history.

What will you remember this decade for?

On a personal level, this decade passed by faster than I remember the 80's passing by, and WAY faster than the 90's. I had many great years in the 2000's, and many bad ones. They have seemed to have blurred in my memory together, and they now lead me into the 2010's...

Wow... 2010. Just the look of it makes me think of a futuristic movie like Back to the Future, and realize that we are there.

Having a baby in 2008 makes it much easier to follow the years when they blend together previous to this. Now, you can look back and see tangible growths that you wouldn't see in your own life. Maybe looking forward, the 2010's will be a completely different departure from everything I was doing in the 80's, 90's and

So I have thought to myself that I am going to document this decade like I never have in the decades previously. That way, in the 2020's, my child will have an idea of who and what I was, during her formative years. And if anything should happen to me, she will have a better idea of who her father was.

I hope to be around many years after this to watch her grow and life her life as she chooses and share it with someone she loves. But just in case, as there are never any certainties in life, this would be a good way to always be in her life. Even in death. I started a journal for her before she was born. I even made the firt entry before we found out her sex, and after finding out, was able to call and address her by the name she would assume upon her birth. I thought this would be a great way to let her know how we have loved her, even before she was born.

It's kind of funny, that we prepare for death with wills, and life insurance, but we never really get prepared in life for death to leave our loved ones with some piece of us that they can always carry and remember us by while grieving.

I think that the 2010's will give me that chance...

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