Friday, December 11, 2009

Nice Guys Never Win...

If you are a "Nice Guy", listen up.

If you are a woman, and you are tired of not being able to find "Mr. Right" because you are always running into "Nice Guys", take notes...

The thing about this is, it drives everyone crazy. The man can't win, and the woman thinks she's going crazy, and that it's her own fault for being too picky.

When in reality, usually neither should be the case...

One thing I've learned about Women is, that they need confidence in a man. It is one of the most important qualities they must see. They may not say it, because they don't want us to confuse cocky with confidence, which we always do when we try too hard to impress women.

Confidence will create attraction, whereas the opposite will certainly NOT create it.

Whether it be the example of good looking person who opens their mouth and becomes ugly, or an average looking person opens their mouth and becomes good looking; confidence, is the key.

The problem with "Nice Guys" is that they mean well, but they have no finishing touches. They seem to lack that one intangible quality that takes them from looking great on paper to BEING great. This is the kind of guy that will make a girl's phone bill go through the roof when she's calling everyone she knows for advise as to "why this guy just doesn't FEEL right" Something's missing... She's bored, and it seems that he's perfect, but yet, she's not happy. Nice guys usually are always well-put together financially, have respect, and usually worship the ground that the woman walks on. All the qualities that a girl looks for when searching out her Prince Charming. But yet, STILL, she's not happy. There is a guy across the room that catches her eye because he has an edge to him and all she can think about is "how wild he must be!"

She fantasizes about a different life, how thrilling it would be to be with this guy and how much fun it would be. "I can tame/change him, and he would be GREAT" she thinks. "He just needs a woman's touch" -And now the thought process is put into kick start.

Whereas women go into a relationship thinking that they can change us men, just the opposite is true for us.

We find a woman that we think is our match, and we hope that she never changes. If she's cool, and drinks with us, and likes the same thing that we do, it's a match made in heaven. Unfortunately in life, things change all the time. And men don't like change. Kids arrive, responsibility comes, and we want it to remain like we were in college or university. This is where the dividing line of men and women separate. The nice guy might start out winning, but he very much loses in the end because he doesn't understand that things change and you have to adapt. In his world, he thinks everything is perfect. He doesn't understand if he has provided everything that would make a woman secure and happy, what is missing?

I'll tell you what is missing...

The thrill that all women need.

And if you don't give it to them, they get bored and complacent. It's funny how that works...Usually it is the women who start out boring, and then become thrill seekers, vs. how men are born thrill seekers and then become boring the older they get...

Anyway, back to the Nice Guy...

If this "Nice Guy" actually had some confidence and was well polished with a bit of mysteriousness that could create attraction where there was once none, he would cease to exist. He would then be promoted to the "what a catch" category, that ALL girls envy.

The key isn't to be an asshole if you are a nice guy, but have a bit more edge and be less predictable and boring. Trust me, I was that nice guy and it doesn't ever work. Nobody loves boring and predictable. -It's a first class ticket to live the most boring life you can imagine. Unless you are 2 boring people. Then your life will be great!! (For the both of you, that is. I pity your kids and the people that you are friends with.) Life is just too short to be boring. Be anything you want, but for God Sake, DON'T BE BORING!!

And nice guys are exactly that...

So guys, it's up to you to create this attraction. Some say it is a game, but it's not. Creating attraction is LIFE. Its Mother Nature's rules, and don’t argue with them because Mother Nature is always right. You can never convince someone to like you. They are either attracted to you, not attracted to you, or could BECOME more attracted to you. That's the laws of attraction. Just like there are laws of physics that demonstrate gravity, so are there laws of attraction of what WILL and WON'T work. Just follow the laws and you will be fine, and stop questioning them. You don't question laws in our world that you follow, do you?

So say what you once might've thought was rude and be sassy. Be colourful, stop trying to make things perfect, and take some chances. You won't always be right. -But what you are doing RIGHT now is never going to work. And if it does work, more times than not, you are going to get real boring, real fast and it won't last.

So enjoy the time you have doing it the "nice guy" way....Because the cliche is never wrong.

Nice Guys NEVER win.


  1. Oh Chuck, this sounds SOOO Alpha Male--ish.

  2. This is a stupid blog...It would be more appropriate if this was written by childish people who can't get laid or are married with children..BORING, BORING and BORING.


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