Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Trials in Your Life

It's Christmas time, and there never seems to be a shortage of them...

But did you know that they are absolutely necessary?

I know, I know...It's Christmas, and we don't need more added stress at this time of year, with all that the economy has brought in the last year. We all want to be left in our comfort zones free from problems and stress, but ironically that would actually cost us more in the long run...

If you really think about it logically, tests and trials are a natural way to build character. Only through tests and trials do we learn and grow.

In school, tests are a natural way of testing our knowledge and instilling information in us so that we better ourselves through education.

If you are trying to exercise and build your body's strength and immune system, you need to push yourself and strain to build muscle and eat properly to maintain that growth. Exposure to other bacterias and not avoiding them actually BUILD your immune system, which in the long run will make you stronger and live a longer life.

This is why people need coaches in their life. Because the human body is designed to stop at discomfort or pain. You won't tend to hurt yourself or push yourself as hard as someone else will. And we all know this, which is why we need coaches in our lives.

So why is it that we think that every other aspect of our personal life won't work this way? We should realistically know this, and welcome our lives to change in order to grow. Because only out of our comfort zones can we develop character, and in the end, character wins...

Let me give you an example:

Do you know that if you came across a budding larva struggling in its cocoon to break free to become a beautiful butterfly and had the time to watch it, it would take hours of struggling for it to finally make it out of that cocoon to fly away?

However, if you felt sorry for that future butterfly and very gently helped it by tearing a small hole in its cocoon, it would speed up the process and you would think it would help the larva, but in reality, you would actually KILL it.

You see, the larva needs several hours of stuggling to strengthen its wings so that as a butterfly, it can power its way by flying. It needs this time to be able to survive through life and ironically without this struggle, it won't develop the strength in its wings it will need for survival, and will surely die.

We are exactly the same as people. We need the same struggling.

BUT... you say, I don't LIKE struggling and tough times. Well, nobody does. But if you look at this as a way to improve yourself and your situation and come to expect it, it may lessen your burden. Having understanding really does help when you are stuck in a situation that you don't like. And even just having SOME understanding may be of great comfort in a time of great need.

Another thing...If you have never experienced loss in every capacity, how would you ever be able to be a better friend to someone who is going through the same thing that you went through. That support system is vital to family and friends in tough times. Even the most successful people in the world have to know highs and lows so that their relationships are not one-sided.

So come to expect these tests and trials. They are inevitable. And if you are not going through them currently, look out for them. They are coming soon to a theatre near you. So really enjoy the blessings you currently have, because every day will change and bring something new.

And you never know what you will gain or lose tomorrow...


  1. Holy shit, slow down. Try not to be so melodramatic. If I could present you with a drama crown award - i you really are too much!

  2. i think this is amazing chuck! :) and very appropriate for me in last few weeks!!! i never can have enough of your writing!!


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